Picture patio

          The patio started to take shape in my mind way back when I discovered the little wall and the old path hidden beneath the rotten decking.


          Further investigation showed I could dig the patio back as far as the end of the shed and a plan to split the garden into two distinct levels formed.

          To make the top level up to the bottom of the gate, the shed window would have to be bricked up and the steps needed to climb that high from the lower level would have to either be really steep, or extend out past the shed door… Neither option was very appealing so this is where the idea of the flowerbeds came into play. 


          Another problem presented itself when by digging out the patio level back as far as the shed wall the foundations of the wall on the right were exposed… Adding some solid seating to the base of the dividing wall added extra support, and eventually building another seat to the right, around the foundations created the patio seating area. 

          The the builder put up the dividing wall and once we took away the remains of the old decking, the crazy patio started to take shape, the broken slabs of paving which had been used to build a wall around the tree in the top corner gave me the pieces of the jigsaw to complete the puzzle.


          This is how the crazy patio remained into the summer as the rest of the garden grew around it,


          We called in a carpenter to replace the shed window and door,  As much as I don’t like to share my toys, I’m glad I gave in, the door and window of the shed would have been too much for me and I can work with what has been done until I’m happy with it, however he made us some wooden seats for the top of the little walls (under close supervision) and I’m more than happy with those, much nicer to sit on than the cold stone. 


          Eventually we found ourselves a handyman who was willing to tackle the crazy patio for us.  Our handyman turned out to be almost as much of a perfectionist as me… Almost.

          On the first day of the patio he laid the jigsaw into a bed of concrete, scrabbling around with the spare pieces and his spirit level until he was happy.


          I have a pile of stones, of various shapes and sizes suitable for laying a path, behind the gate, just waiting until I’m sure I don’t need them. Our handyman used two of those to fill two tiny gaps on the patio and, in my mind, they stood out as different colours so I cut him some the same size out of matching pieces and he replaced them before filling in the gaps of the finished puzzle.


          Another winter has come and gone, the garden has survived the storms Ma Nature threw at us and I’ve watched the heavy rain and hail showers bouncing off the patio from the safety of the kitchen window. During our Easter lockdown from the virus I’ve cleaned the patio and repainted the seats and now the crazy patio is finally ready to make us smile through the summer.


          We’re almost there, just the little yard area by the back door and the path to the shed to tackle through the summer and I’ll be finished… Maybe.

          More from before : “Finishings and Fixings” and other going’s on in my “Garden“. 

6 thoughts on “Picture patio

  1. What a transformation! The ever industrious Sallyann has done it again!
    Now – I see the BBQ out on the patio… with a few glasses of bubbly on the table nearby! 🥂😁
    OS – It’s great to call around here again… I shall do so more regularly! 👍😀

    • Hello there Aj. Hope all is well with you and yours in this strange world we find ourselves in.
      I’m not a BBQ and bubbly kind of person really, but a large coffee, a cheese roll and some cheese swirl crisps go perfectly with my feet up on a second chair while I share the warm weather with the sounds of the birds on the feeders. 😊

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