More blooms

          All four roses in the flowerbeds have blooms on them now, I’m far too happy about that, but hey ho, if the little things make me happy then the bigger things don’t seem to matter so much.


          The orange rose is called “Scent from Heaven” and was one of my best growers last year.  This year its grown high enough over the arch in our garden to be seen from nextdoor. 


          Both red climbers, “That’s Jazz“, had a lot of trouble last year, firstly the one on the far right had a nasty infestation of greenfly, and by the time I’d gotten to grips with it I had to cut back a large chunk of new growth, its still a bit straggly this year, but much improved.


          The red rose on the far left had a similar problem, but with rust, I’ve been feeding and spraying regularly this year though and am hoping for some healthy stems on both to take me into next spring. 


          I have a second orange rose this year, my original plan of a red rose either side of one yellow and one orange in the middle got skuppered by my choice of “Masquerade” as my yellow one.  I chose a deciduous plant and it turned out completely different to the other three in appearance and growing habits so I took the risk of replacing it.  Planting a new rose where an old rose has already been is risky and the new rose very often dies off.  I dug out a big hole in the flowerbed where the yellow rose had been, I lined the hole with compost and I found another plant the same as my orange one to put in its place.   It felt like forever before the new rose finally grew shoots, but it seems just as healthy as my other one now, just a year smaller.


          More from before : Going’s on in my “Garden

5 thoughts on “More blooms

  1. We can do nothing about the big things except to try to keep ourselves safe, so “if the little things make me happy then the bigger things don’t seem to matter so much.” seems a very good way forward. Stay safe, my friend. 🙂

  2. You have done a stupendous job on that garden of yours!! Grow roses… grow… you’re making my friend happy and that makes me happy!! 😁😁😁

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