Plumbing saga

          Following on from “Water is Lazy“.. The Plumbing saga continues…


          The steps to our front door are not the most inviting, so far, the emphasis has been on just fixing and making safe, just as well really considering the Plumbing saga over the last few weeks.

          Remember the handyman who came and laid the “Picture Patio” for us?  He did some repair work on the front of the house too and I’m pleased to say his repair work there was undertaken with just as much care and attention as his patio laying.

          The brick wall surrounding our little patch of garden between the bay window and the pavement has apparently suffered somewhat from the traffic vibration on the road outside… But hey, by the time I’m seventy-five I’ll need a little help with my appearance too…

          In time we will be ready to replace and rebuild the front steps and walls, but for the moment we asked our handyman to just make it safe. He carefully took off the loose bricks, cleaned them and put the wall back together safely.  Then instead of just skimming the patch of loose concrete at the top of the steps, he cut away the loose surface to reach a firm surrounding area and filled the solid framework with new cement.  Needless to say, when we are ready to do the front of the house he will be the first port of call.

          Meanwhile… Enter the next plumbers…

          They phoned to say they were on their way as I was getting ready for work. Not ideal, but apparently they wouldn’t need to enter the house so they would just carry on without me.

          Photo updates from the plumbers, with thanks.



         Oh boy… When I got home I was so glad that neither Hubby or I had been here.  We arrived to not one, but two new patches of concrete.  I phoned around to find out what had happened

          Apparently, when they dug the first hole they found that the pipe between the house and the meter was so bad that they had to replace it.  To be honest, I wish they’d had to dig up our steps, however, they have a gadget they call a mole.  Of course, the image of a little mole poking his head up from the hole in my path came to mind.  But instead of the cute picture of this pointy-nosed animal resting his elbows on the edge of the hole, it would appear that the mole in question is a machine which can bore a new hole where an old pipe is, and then a new pipe can be inserted into said hole to replace the old.



           The cement has dried, and I’ve given the walls a good scrub with a wire brush to take away cement splashes. I’ve given next doors hedge a sneaky haircut near the front door and pulled up a few dead weeds, and although the pathway still resembles a patchwork blanket, it’s tidy… And dry.


         Ahh… But what of the stoptap?

          Well, the second emergency plumber came back with a new tap he’d managed to source, unfortunately it didn’t fit.  It would seem the old stoptap is as old as the house too so now we have the old stoptap, with new fittings inside it, and the old handle has now been soldered back on so that we can turn off the water supply.

          Some good news though… When the water supply is turned off at the stoptap, the dial on the meter is stopped… Meaning no more leak. Yay! . 

          More “Fixings and finishings“. 

4 thoughts on “Plumbing saga

  1. You’ll need help with your appearance when you’re 75? Well, I’m 70, and I find putting a bag over my head helps … makes me far more socially acceptable … while also giving me that certain … nothing …. don’t y’know …..

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