I have plenty of willpower, that’s not a problem of mine… It’s the “WON’T” power that I struggle with.   I’m far happier when using the scales in the picture above than using the ones in the bathroom.   However, needs must, I do tend to comfort eat, and the whole world is in need of a little comforting at the moment.  But my problem is that little old lady who jumps in front of me when I look in a mirror, has taken up residence in my wardrobe where she secretly sews extra seams into my clothes to make them smaller.  Not only that, but she’s recently taken to standing on the bathroom scales with me too now.

          The last time I stood on the scales they didn’t quite shout “one at a time please” but I’m sure I heard them groan, so enough is enough.

          I don’t enjoy eating, I’ve never had a happy relationship with food, I eat to live, not the other way around, so bearing in mind I don’t eat very much, I’m going to have to change what I eat to reverse the upward trend of the numbers on the tape measure.

          It’s no secret that I like the sweeter things in life, my idea of a balanced diet is a custard cream in each hand, my eating habits are just that… Habits.

          I have tried to add a few healthy habits, my attempt at “Healthy snacking” wasn’t a complete disaster.  My little boxes for healthy snacks are often to be found in the fridge, I have had jellies in them on many an occasion, but the fruit portions the boxes were planned for are sometimes there too.


         My last attempt at infiltrating my dieting habits with a little bit of healthy eating worked slightly, the “Cashews” in the “Jars” have turned into a small handful at breakfast time each day, but the apricots have definitely fallen by the wayside. 

          As a youngster I was really skinny, I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight… Oh how wonderful that would be now… But unfortunately I have to put a little more thought into the fuel for the body that has grown around me. 

          I’m a great believer of  “You are what you eat” – I know lots of people are skeptical here, and some with very good reason, but I read the book, expecting to just be pleasantly entertained and was surprised to find myself agreeing with so much of the “storyline” that I thought harder about what I ate, and what the results were.  Basically, if I were a car and filled up on a perfectly tailored fuel I would run like a dream, but if I just put any old junk in the fuel tank, then I must accept different results.

          My body reacts so strongly to anything I do to it that its not difficult to work out what it needs.  For instance, I’m fighting to stop a bad head turning into a migraine right now, and slowly winning, but my weopen of choice is not pills or potions and a darkened room, no, it’s water, just simply water.

          I’ve just competed my week in work, I don’t do as many days now that I’ve managed to finally reach that “Semi-retirement” stage, but I know I don’t drink enough water on a work day and need to drink more in the evening to compensate.  This week I’ve worked the extra overtime shift, plus I spent a good part of yesterday “inspecting the inside of my eyelids” on the sofa after an early shift, followed by an early night and another early start today so the extra liquid intake time just disappeared … you’d think I’d have learnt to avoid getting to the bad head stage by now wouldn’t you. No, but I have learnt how to catch it before it blows up into a migraine.

          My migraines are triggered mainly by what food I eat, or don’t eat and I’ve managed to incorporate the required balance of this foodstuff into my habit formed lifestyle.   If I can find just a couple of changes and turn them into habits then that might just be enough to tip the scales back in my favour.

          Let’s face it though, me getting up each morning and going for a ten mile run before breakfast just isn’t going to happen so I think I’m going to have to find something food related.

          Wish me luck, I’ll let you know how I get on.

          Oh, look at the first picture again, look past the scales and out through the kitchen window.  I’ve inadvertently caught a picture of the “Other end” of the garden.  This was before I pulled off the old blue cladding, and you can see the strategically placed garden ornaments to help prevent me stepping through the rotten decking.

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