Sun hat


          My poor old sun hat has finally been given the rest it deserved.  I bought it many, many moons ago.   I can remember it was on an outdoor market stall and I seem to think we were out with Hubby’s Uncle and Aunt, I think they were visiting our neck of the woods, not the other way around. But the memory blurs if I try to see past the refreshments van nearby where Uncle and Aunty waited for us so I can’t work out where we were.  I can’t see whether the girls were with us or not, I can’t find them in the memory at all.  I’ve guessed at having the hat for about ten years, but when I put it on I rolled the sides up into a cowboy hat like Madonna in her video… And Mr Google has just shocked me with the release date of of twenty years ago for that song.

          My sun hat has been in and out of the washing machine more times than you could imagine, the thin wire in the rim just crumpled into my handbag and opened out again for me to shape the hat to whatever the mood took me.

          The hat has been to numerous holiday destinations, and accompanied me for the whole time I was “building the garden“.  At one time I dropped my sun hat on the way to work, I retraced my steps as far as time would allow but to no avail and the loss of my hat affected my smile throughout the whole shift.  Hubby met me from work and instead of his favoured route home along the prom, we walked home the way I had walked in. We found it, looking very grubby and wet, it had landed in a puddle of rainwater from the night before.  It looked very sorry for itself indeed, but I was overjoyed to see it and took it home for the washing machine once more.  I finally had to admit that my hat had turned into one of those hats that only its mother loves.

          Just like me, it started to show a little wear and tear and the colour was more than a little faded.  The wire in the rim broke into many pieces so I replaced it with the earth wire from a length of electric cable, but although the rim protected me from the glare of the sun, it no longer rolled at the sides, and wouldn’t just squash into my handbag anymore so I started to watch out for a replacement.

          As many smiles to the £1 as my hats give me, I do tend to limit my spend as I do drop them now and again.  My orange hat has gone just that way at the moment and so I have been dredging online for a suitable replacement.

          Imagine my joy when I instead found a hat which perfectly matched my sunhat.  The picture to go with the description had a different flower pattern around the rim, but the rest sounded to good to be true.  Of course, I sent for it immediately… And the cynicism which has rubbed off on me from Hubby over the years, the part of me who has started to think that “if something seems to good to be true – it usually is” is firmly back in the box.

          And as for the orange hat replacement… I’m still searching so that will be another story.


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