Macramé curtain

          Every piece of created art has a story and my macrame curtain is no different.  Little Sister has a good friend, but “Little Sister’s good friend” is a bit of a mouthful and since they met while they were training, and actually ran a marathon together, I’m going to just call her “The Runner”.

          I’ve been to the runner’s house for coffee a few times with Little Sister, in my humble opinion, her house is amazing.  It’s so full of beautiful stuff.  The sort of stuff which you would see in a little shop and say how beautiful it is, but then a little voice in the back of your mind holds you back from buying it.

          Well, the runner has banished the little voice, she’s bought the “stuff”, and decorated her house with it, every room is a treat to the senses, and so when she asked me to make her a macramé curtain for the inside of her kitchen door I was amazed.

          On my next visit to Little Sister we called on the Runner for coffee, took a few measurements and came up with a sketchy plan.


          I took a few snaps around the kitchen to take away a better idea of her specific tastes, and the curtain sort of grew from there.   Although red was a theme throughout the kitchen, red string would overpower many of the dainty trinkets so I suggested the natural cotton string I had been using for other macrame projects and some beads maybe to incorporate the colour. 

          The top part of the curtain needed to be quite full to sheild their kitchen from the neighbour, with the bottom part gradually letting in more light and just breaking up the reflection on the glass enough so that it didn’t catch the eye.

          Looking around Runner’s kitchen, my eyes were drawn to hearts and diamonds, and natural wood.

          I brought my ideas home and had a good poke around in Bead Lady’s shop to see what I could find hidden in the corners.  I bought up all of her wooden beads of a variety of shapes and sizes and sorted through some silver coloured charms, picking out the heart shaped ones which would work well too.


          Normally I would knot onto driftwood, or onto a piece of dowel to hang over two hooks, but this curtain was to hang flat against the top window of a double glazed door.  I had the idea of fixing it to the door with velcro and double sided tape so I found a strip of suitable wood, cut it to just over the length needed and set about tying on my string. 


          The Runner has some woven bamboo lampshades in her kitchen, they are loosely woven in a diagonal pattern and the light shines out through diamond spaces in between the bamboo, I drew some inspiration from these and started to knot a base pattern in diamonds.


          I had kept to wooden beads, as they went well with the natural cotton string, but to add the red colour, I’d found a couple of different sizes of painted beads.  I knotted a few berry knots in keeping with the diamond pattern and added some painted red beads to their centres.


          The plan for the beaded strings had started to form in the back of my mind, I planned to use twisted knots for some of the strings so added a few twisted knots into the main body of the curtain to draw the eyes from top to bottom as I didn’t want a divide line on the way down.

          As the curtain grew I took it along to a coffee and craft meet-up at the shop and Bead Lady found me a pretty red heart for a centre piece.


          The curtain became longer and gravity started playing with my design. It pulled the sides in so I split the main body into panels a little earlier than planned and started to add twists.


          I hadn’t used beads on my macramé before, this turned out to be great fun, and I’ve used beads on more than just a few things since.

          I twisted strings, and threaded beads to the required length, and finished off the strings with gently combed tassels. 


          If this was to just hang on a wall would have been more than happy with it.  However, the curtain was to cover a rectangle window, and narrower at the bottom than the top wasn’t in the plan, so the curtain stayed where it was on my wall in full view waiting for inspiration. 


          I thought about adding more wood to fight against the gravity, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it so eventually, instead of trying to force the design where it didn’t want to go, I added more strings onto the sides, I followed the same sort of diamond and beaded pattern, added an extra charm, and working with gravity instead of against it, turned the curtain back into the rectangle.

          Unfortunately this is where the virus arrived, everything and everybody was locked down and as much as I loved my deliveries from the postman during this time, neither the Runner nor myself were quite willing to trust him with the curtain.

          Little Sister has finally been for a very long overdue visit and taken the curtain back so now that the Runner has seen it… I can show it to you. 


          More from before: A little peek further into the world that I’ve “Created“.

4 thoughts on “Macramé curtain

    • Thanks. I had loads of fun learning how to do the beads… Now I’m making its partner… For little smaller window, but with added challenge of a window handle half way down. 😊

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