199 Steps

Weymouth is in the south of England, and Whitby is a few hundred miles further north, but if it weren’t for the temperature I could quite easily have settled there instead… Praise indeed.

On one side of the harbour you will find the usual collection of eateries and gift shops, then on the other side, across the bridge you’re treated to quirky shops, cobbled streets … And 199 steps.

As the sign on the lamppost says, if you follow the steps you will eventually arrive at St. Mary’s Church, and Whitby Abbey. To the side of the steps you could follow the cobbled path upwards, but the steps are an experience in themselves.

The view opens up behind you as you rise higher above the harbour, if you time it right, you can catch some beautiful shots with the camera.

These two lads had found the perfect spot with their fancy camera and took a good few photos until they were happy with their results…

Of course, I waited for my turn to stand in the perfect spot too, and also of course, eventually Hubby got bored waiting for me to “just press the button”, and continued on the upwards climb to wait at the top.

I’m not sure how old the railings on either side of the steps were, they looked too old to have been put there by the annoying “Elf brigade” (health and safety), but the regular seats which were part of the railings were very welcome, as we’re the small circular discs counting the steps with roman numerals on the way up. CLX, being 160 steps.

Carry on upwards, and the steps curve round to the left where you lose the view down to the harbour below, but as you round the bend you are greeted by the final metal disc on the last step… CXCIX… Step number 199.

The last step is not as welcome to some as the view of the last bench on the path above it.

As you catch your breath and take in your surroundings you can see that you’re surrounded by headstones and you’ve arrived at St. Mary’s Church.

To me though, the short walk past the church to the top of the hill was my aim… To the jewel on the crown… “Whitby Abbey” .

          More from before: Wanderings in “Whitby” in September 2020. 

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