Finishing touches

         Some people, like Hubby, look at life and see the whole picture, they’re the ones who will eventually change the world.  Others, like myself, see the little things, the details… We’re the ones who will decorate it.

         When we first moved to this house, we had whittled our furniture down to just one small lorry full to bring with us, this happened by accident rather than by design at first, we made space for the girls to move in and out of the old house and their furniture moved out with them, some bits just died of old age and didn’t get replaced and then on moving day some bits simply wouldn’t fit in through the doorways. This meant most of the furniture in the house was bought when we arrived. It was like living in flat-pack city for the first few months as bits and pieces arrived and were put together.

         The theme which seemed to run throuout the furniture was black decorative fittings. Even when I moved on to “Building the Garden“, the theme of black fittings followed on with the rose arches, the handrail… And with my decorative garden ornaments… So it was only natural that when I finally attacked the decorating inside I looked in the direction of cast iron fittings again.

         I bought a selection of black cast iron door handles and hinges for the “Littlest room” in the house and was impressed at how much they drew my attention away from the imperfections which were plaguing my ability to enjoy my decorating so I continued the theme through out, buying handles and hinges for the landing doors too, as well as cast iron brackets for the banister rail.

          More from before : “Finishing and fixing“.

5 thoughts on “Finishing touches

    • Thanks Meanderer, it even makes me smile when the rain splashed on the crazy patio…
      The white walls were at Hubby’s insistence … To bright for me in the summer really, but theyholdon to every last second of daylight in the wintertime so he’s forgiven. 😊 😊

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