The world in general has shrunk for most people at the moment, day in, day out, same old, same old … At times like these a good imagination is invaluable.

         Today the mind is wandering back to The New Forest, the wild horses roam freely in their thick winter coats, hardly bothered by the fact that the recent rains have turned parts of their playground into giant swimming pools. My toes wriggle freely, protected by my wellies as my feet squelch in and out of muddy puddles. There’s no rain today, but the wide brim of my rain hat is just as suited to keeping the low winter sun out of my eyes as it is to keeping the rain spots off my glasses. My world is at peace, Hubby is enjoying the vastness of the view, and me? I’m squatting precariously on one heel to get the right angle to catch a picture of a brightly coloured mushroom for a future memory.

         It’s a fairy mushroom, obviously, why would it not be?

         There’s a tiny flutter of wings in the air as a fairy arrives over my shoulder, a slight breeze catches my ear and a wing tip brushes past my cheek. She lands daintily on my mushroom and looks up quizzically at me. No words pass our lips but I adjust my balance and glance at the horse in the distance. She settles herself into my picture, sitting on top of the mushroom, one leg outstretched and the other bent with her hands wrapped around her knee, perfectly posed, she flexed her wings and threw her head back for her sunlight to light her face.

         Memory captured, I regain a more secure footing and follow Hubby off into the forest, a glance over my shoulder for a smile and a nod in the direction of the mushroom secures the memory and I return to join Hubby with an extra spring in my step.

         More from before : Nestled in the “New Forest“.

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