Coffee labels

    “Cashew Nuts” … one of my healthy habits I’ve managed to incorporate into my daily routine. Just a small handful each morning is enough to hold a few aches and pains at bay.

  “Fudge” … the quickest and easiest way to administer a sugar fix when I have been “too good” and feel a sugar withdrawal migraine coming on. Also used as a sugar regulator by eating one square in the morning and one at night to prevent massive uncomfortable bloating by overindulgence.

  “Sugar Cubes” … quite simply because I think brown sugar tastes so much better in coffee than white.

Fruit tea” … I haven’t had fruit tea in ages, I haven’t been able to find my favourite, rhubarb and blackcurrant, I also haven’t gotten around to a fruit tea cake recipe I was planning to test out… something else I must rectify.

          Caramel coffee & Vanilla coffee … These are coffee pads, but not just any coffee pads, specially coffee pads…all the extra flavour with none of the extra guilt.

          Tea … quite simply plain black tea bags … nothing added, and nothing taken out …the fully leaded variety.

          De-caf Tea … tea bags of the un-leaded type.

          Sugar … of course sugar, this is a staple requirement for many in the tea and coffee department next to the kettle.

          Green and Black Tea … Hubby is the tea drinker in our house, he likes ordinary black tea and is quite happy to drink it at most places, for some time at home he was drinking de-caf tea, albeit quite unknown to himself for a while, but his preference at the moment is for a blend of both black and green tea made for him by the little “Tea Folk”.

          De-caf Coffee … no, your eyes don’t deceive you, there are two jars sporting a “De-caf coffee” label. The first jar contains instant coffee, both for the ease of making the coffee and for the reduction in electric used by not heating the coffee machine when the kettle is alreadyboiling for tea making. You can be forgiven for thinking that I’ve made a mistake here and the second de-caf coffee jar is in fact full of teabags. Howver, they are coffee bags.

          Coffee … Do you remember my old “coffee machine ” ? The one where I bought ground coffee, measured it into the scoop on the machine and steamed milk to make … (very nice) … barister style coffees. I remember it too, the problem is, that as much as I like real, non instant, coffee, I’m too lazy to make it. I looked into getting a more “lazy person” friendly machine, but didn’t want to increase the amount of plastic I threw away so finally hit on this coffee machine… it uses coffee bags.

          Well, there you have it, I’ve settled on the contents of most of my “Jars“. I’ve burnt the information on my new wooden labels, and safely stored enough spare empty labels for me to change my mind a number of times.

          The jars … the coffee station … the tiles … the cupboards… Its been a long time getting there , but I think I’m pretty much happy with this part of he kitchen.

          More from before : “Finishing and fixing” things in my “Kitchen“.

4 thoughts on “Coffee labels

    • Thanks Meanderer, the glass cupboards were one of the few things Hubby had a good opinion of when we bought the house. They’ve needed a bit of fixing and updating, but I managed to keep them for him. .
      Right back at you for the new year wishes. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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