Pre-booked Abbey

   At the top of the “199 Steps” we looked around for the entrance to “Whitby Abbey“. We looked for a ticket office or something similar, however, all we found was the information board for the coffee shop with the glaring words “ONLINE PREBOOKINGS ONLY”.

         We hadn’t even considered the possibility of needing to pre-booked to see the Abbey, and since we were only going to have one whole day in Whitby this was a bit of a dissapointment. While Hubby used his phone to check online to see about a possible booking for the following morning I tried some trickery with the camera on mine. Behind the coffee shop was what seemed to be a back gate, or staff entrance to the Abbey. It was at the top of some steps, and locked, of course. A huge gate, possibly eight feet tall and four feet wide with a solid sheet of green painted metal rivited to a frame, perfect to obstruct the view of non-paying visitors. Just a small gap half way up gave access to the lever of a handle, locked of course from the other side, but by removing my phone from its case, I was able to put a hand through the small gap on one side of the handle, and feed my phone through the other side to catch a shot of the silhouette of the Abbey… For quite possibly the only close-up view I would get on that visit …

         I returned to find Hubby still poking at his phone where I’d left him. I showed him my prize… The picture I’d taken through the small gap in the gate. But Hubby had a greater prize … Two tickets, pre-booked online for the next hourly admitance to the Abbey.

         It would appear that covid was making our staycation difficult in parts, but not impossible, it was not going to keep us away from Whitby Abbey.

          More from before: Wanderings in “Whitby” in September 2020. 

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