Waiting for spring

          The flowerbeds have recovered slightly since “Storm Bella“. I’ve cut back the climbing roses to take away the spindly bits of stems at the ends and I’ve taken off the remaining bedraggled leaves from last year. I’ve sprayed the new buds to give them a good desease-free start, so now there’s not much I can do until we get a bit more of a break in the weather.

          The walls need a bit of touching up in the garden this year in some places, such as behind the flowerbeds, more than others, but obviously, dryer weather will give a better resullt.

         I’ve replaced both the arches now, they’re very low quality ones and so need replacing every-other year, they’re very low cost though so it sort of balances out. I did think of getting better quality ones so they’d last, but the arches aren’t equal and getting some made to measure didn’t come anywhere near budget, the less expensive ones have a lot more give in them, so I can squeeze or expand them to fit, and as they’re now secured to the wall with hooks, they’ll take the weight of the roses fine … I just need to remember to cut back the unsecured stems before the winter storms and not after.

          I’ll be painting around the door and windows of the fairy house, I’ve had to add a couple of big stones to step up to the door because the soil in the beds seems to have sunk. That’s OK though, it makes it easier for me to paint around the edges, and once it’s all painted, I’ll tip a couple of bags of compost around the plants to raise the level back up again. I’m sure the plants will appreciate the boost in goodness to the soil.

          That’ll be almost it then. I’ll give the cast iron garden decorations a quick rub down and a couple of new coats of hammerite to stop the rust and apart from the grass we’ll be done. But for now, I’m just waiting for spring.

          More from before : Going’s on in my “Garden“.

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