Christmas cake

          We’re still waiting for Christmas 2020, but the girls sent us a Christmas Eve box full of goodies because we weren’t going to be able to celebrate together.

          Amongst other things, the box contained a small cotton bag full of marbles with a label “Mum’s marbles” attached to it… Needless to say, I’ve put them safe somewhere and can’t find them.

          Hubby doesn’t like Christmas cake so unfortunately the responsibility fell on me to dispose of this one. Having been dieting for three months with quite satisfying results, I had chosen my Christmas treats carefully, enough treats to feel that I had enjoyed them, but not too many do as to blow the diet out of the water. This added Christmas cake was very welcome, but very unexpected, so I hit on a plan to keep it as a “milestone reward” on the diet… It had a best before date of August 2021, so that gave me a good few months to hit the next target.

          I put a couple of pounds on over Christmas, as expected, but the sudden increase in niceties kick-started the metabolism again and I lost the excess the following week.

          I’ve had the odd hiccup here and there, also the odd migraine, taking away food that my body is used to can be almost as problematic as introducing something new, so even while dieting I’ve been balancing my sugar levels with a piece of fudge morning and night with my caffeine, and I still eat a handful of cashews each morning (albeit a smaller handful than I have been eating).

          Once in work, during one particular January which seems like an age ago now, I was called into the office for a “back to work” meeting after I had just returned from a couple of nights off with a migraine. After the usual questions and answers, a strange comment cropped up. “There appears to be a pattern in your sickness” …

          Well, speaking as someone who wouldn’t dream of going off sick unless I was actually ill, I was genuinely shocked at the suggestion that because my job changed slightly each January because of a post-Christmas lull in my normal work routine, that I wasn’t happy, and was going off sick so that I didn’t have to do the different work ….

          Sceptical was an understatement for their reaction when I explained the real reason I had more migraines in January than at any other time. I eat too many nice things over Christmas, and then cut them out again in January in an attempt to diet every year… New year, new me sort of mentality, and that’s what caused the migraines. I decided there and then never to diet again in January. Always to wait until February, and had the manager write as such in my notes.

          Sure enough … I was off work with a migraine the following year after dieting … in February.

          But my mind wanders… No surprise there.

          The main point of this post is to remind myself that I do have the willpower to diet if I put my mind to it. When I stepped on the scales in September they didn’t quite say “one at a time please”, but they did scream at me for allowing my weight to creep up to over two stone above the target I had set myself to reach by the time I was forty .

          Forty slipped by, I saw my target weight on the scale for about 30 seconds after a short illness before I was fifty and as sixty approaches, my feet hurt, my knees hurt, my hips and my back hurt and I need a rest half way if I attempt more than one flight of stairs.

          I broke the two stone down into targets of four half stones, engaged other family members for help and encouragement and began.

          Five months on and I’m celebrating my half way mark with my Christmas cake.

          I have just two more days left of “cake for breakfast” and then off I go again knowing that I’ve passed the peak of the diet and the rest is downhill all the way.

7 thoughts on “Christmas cake

  1. I was a manager of a large department for many many years, and had two employees who called in with migraines almost every Monday. After awhile I, too, got suspicious, and thought they were just out partying too much on the weekends and called them on it. They tried harder, but were still out most Mondays. It made it really difficult to get our work out when I was always short 2 people, plus whoever else called in. Finally one of them figured out that they didn’t drink coffee as much over the weekends as they did during the work week, and that the Monday migraine was a result of coffee deprivation. Once she figured that out she managed it all better and one, at least, was at work most Mondays going forward! So now I never judge when someone has a migraine, because, honestly, who knows what triggers it, and it’s absolutely real.

    • Great to hear I’m not the only weird one… When I moved to my new job at my seaside, the boss was a big believer in the workforce running on coffee and tea… It made us all happy, and happy staff work harder. But I had migraines every weekend too for the caffeine reason… We solved it by putting decaf coffee options in the staffroom too. 😀 😀
      I didn’t have migraines at all until my first pregnancy and I’ve spent the last thirty odd years working out my triggers. It really is worth it for a much better quality of life. 😊

  2. Oh dear, the reminder of back to work interviews is a thorough downer, a reminder of really dreary days – which ended for me nearly 8 years ago! I can only say that not working is simply wonderful.
    I remember, there were staff meetings on Tuesday afternoons … well, ok, to give them their due, I suppose they did prepare one somewhat thoroughly for … near death experiences …. 😉 ….

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