I woke up this morning with a feeling that has escaped me for a while. I had been dreamming again, but not the usual foreboding dreams of late, one with a bit of hope maybe?

         There was no alarm, I have a couple of weeks off, a couple of weeks I wasn’t looking forward to as the plan had been to visit the Girls and Grandson, like that was going to happen… So I have a couple of weeks with no visits or visitors, no coffee and cakes with friends, but now also no shop, no colleagues and no customers who have become a lifeline to my mental state of mind. With my two weeks holidays looming on the horizon I’ve been like a bear, unable to hibernate, and one with a sore head at that… Poor Hubby…

          I haven’t had my jab yet, but it’s going to be my turn in the foreseeable future. ….

          In my dream, I was living in an underground, quite desolate world where everything seemed to be matt black in colour, quite like an empty stage with no props. My dream began with me sitting in a chair not unlike a dentists chair, after just having an implant in my right forarm, lines like a circuit board started to show on my arm and as I glanced down at strange red markings which had appeared, I watched them come alive with colours as I moved my wrist. A group of excited people caught my attention as they ran past laughing and smiling, I followed, and learning by watching the others, I became able to create illusions with the flick of my wrist, and these illusions gradually became a new reality…

          I’m not one for political conversations, I have my preferences, and some of my opinions are very strong, but the will to impose my preferences and opinions on others is not strong at all so I usually just watch and listen from the sidelines… And vote with my feet.

          I’d been following the Brexit unfolding, and of course the virus information quite closely including the downing Street briefing from yestetday where the latest “Road map” for finding our way back to normality was unveiled. I wonder if the briefing with its plan laid out to follow has given me some new hope that we can soon see families again, and share coffee and cakes with friends, and of course, the jab in my arm to help me turn it to reality speaks for itself.

          I got up and wandered down to the kitchen, gazing out onto the garden as I usually do. The sun had just come up. The sky in the background was blue, the wind was blowing quite hard yes, but it was blowing pink fluffy clouds across the top of my garden wall. The “Crazy patio” was drying out after the recent rains and the upcoming daffodils were dancing about in the wind.

          The get-up-and-go which has eluded me of late seems to have found its way back home, after a couple of coffees, I set about the second part of decorating the “Passage“. I pulled up the landing carpet and started to explore underneath the broken floorboards to investigate the creaking radiator pipes.

7 thoughts on “Positive

  1. I hope your ‘get up and go’ sticks around throughout your 2 weeks off work. You’ll have a lot more fun (if fun is working on floors) that way. Maybe you’ll find a new park to explore or a great book to read!

  2. I can quite understand your feelings about the unexpected two weeks alone – going out for walks is certainly one thing, I do it most days; take your camera. Hope your jab comes soon – we’re oldies and so have had our first ones. Take good care of yourself, my friend. 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m occupying my time with more decorating… It’s not often I get the excuse to poke around and explore underneath the floorboards…. And just today I discivered some old red floor tiles under the vinyl floor covering behind the front door… Lots to be going on with. 😂

    • Seems I missed your comment, thanks Judith, my get-up-and-go stayed around long enough to take me through the main part of the passage decorating, I’m back to work this week, but looking forward to adding a good splash of yellow to the walls. 😊 😊

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