We seem to have a new pair of wood pigeons frequenting the garden… I was a bit confused at first, I thought maybe “Fat Pigeon” hadn’t weathered the winter well, or had maybe been on a diet because new pigeon was a lot sleeker looking. Of course, the new pigeon could have been completely new, and have never visited the garden before, but the strange, and confusing thing was he came in and flew straight to where the smaller birds drop the seeds from the bird feeders. ….

          Fat Pigeon popped up again a day or so later and was definitely still more of a Portly Pigeon, and I must say, his feathers were quite a bit more ruffled than his younger counterpart. I haven’t seen them both together yet, and I haven’t seen Lady Pigeon either this year… But I wonder if the new Pigeon I’d in fact, Baby Pigeon from last year? ….

          Fat Pigeon has been protecting his territory, at one point he saw off Mr Magpie, who now keeps his distance, but there’s a blackbird nest nearby, and the blackbirds very seldom climb onto the steps for the dropped seeds, they prefer to run around and dance on the grass to catch the worms which are tempted to the surface….

          I’m really pleased with the roses this year, especially so as they had to weather “Storm Bella“… And of course, my pruning. But even after replacing one of the roses on the left flowerbed, both sides are growing with plenty of promise….

          Now that the roses have reached the top of the arch on the right flowerbed, it’s time to put up the strings of lights I bought. It’s a little early, to be honest, as the lights are supposed to hide amongst the roses and give off a nice glow, but if I leave it much longer I won’t be able to reach into the frame on the right to fix them up, so the left arch will just have to look little like a showroom dressing table mirror for a while.

          The daffs have finished for this season. There was a really good show on the right, but I’ll add a few more to the left when I plant a daffodil border in the front garden in September.

          Mum-in-law is helping me to fix the grass… It’s not very happy and my efforts to add more seeds to give it a boost last year didn’t amount to much… I’ve called in the “Head Gardener” for a bit of advice this year.

          Ive dabbed some white paint around the white walls, but the terracotta paint, the small yard floor, the back gate and the repainting of the black garden ornaments will leave me plenty to play with during the summer.

          In the meantime, when the sun goes down the flowerbeds are still full of smiles.

          More from before : Going’s on in my “Garden“.

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