Vanilla ice cream

          After “Starting” and “Progressing” with the decorating in the passage, I left you with a hint of colour to come… Vanilla Sundae didn’t dissapoint.

          I have a very hands on approach to painting, I don’t mind getting messy at all so if I touch the brush or roller to somewhere the paint isn’t supposed to go, I generally wipe it off quickly with a finger or thumb and continue painting. I don’t use a rag to wipe my hands on, I wear them …

          This very aptly named paint was true to its name, it was thick and gloopy, and just like painting the walls with vanilla ice cream, but once I got the hang of it, we got along fine, and with all the previous preparation I had put in, it only needed one coat so that was a big bonus.

          I had wrapped the radiator in clingfilm to protect it, and taken the banister rail off the wall so once everything was unwrapped and replaced, we had to wait for covid to allow us to go carpet shopping.

          We found a local flooring shop, and after comparing prices with a big chain carpet store, went back to the local one and made arrangements for fitting. …..

          It’s been a long time getting this far, but I’m almost happy with it.

          I’ll be getting the electric saw out to trim the back gate before the summer is up, so I’ll take little off the bottom of the airing cupboard door at the same time, to make it open easier…..

          Then all I have to do is finish cleaning up and sealing the old quarry tiles behind the front door.

          More from before : “Finishing and fixing“.

6 thoughts on “Vanilla ice cream

    • 😂 Thanks Chrissie, Happy thoughts have been a little few and far between of late, winter seems to have lasted well over twelve months this time… But spring is here, and summer is on its way…. In the meantime, I’ll sit on the stairs and smile. 😊 ☺ ☺ ☺

    • Lol , I’m off to visit Little Sister in a few days…she’s having a shed delivered while I’m there and suggested I bring my “painting clothes”. She’ll be able to see the vanilla sundae colour paint I used for my walls while I’m there. 😆

    • Thanks Meg, it makes me think of fresh spring sunshine… And hopefully next spring I’ll have daffs growing in a border around the front garden to compliment it perfectly. 😊 😊 😊

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