Garden hole

          The soil level has been dropping in my garden, a certain amount of settling was expected after all the upheaval of “Building the Garden“, where it was quite literally all turned upside down so that’s OK. In this picture taken just after the daffs this year, you can see by the terracotta paint line which was painted before the turf went on, just how much it has dropped.

          The soil level in the flowerbeds has dropped enough for me to need an extra brick underneath the doorstep for the fairy house, and the wall in the corner behind the rose has already had a quick touch up with white paint.

          Look again at that back corner behind the rose… Can you see a hole?

          I keep piling the earth back into the corner and it just keeps slipping down the hole again.

          I wondered if it were just a drainage hole, or if something was living in there. So I placed a shell over the hole and waited for something to move it.

          My memory jerked back to when Eldest Daughter was about two, we moved to a house with a little concrete yard for a back garden. Someone had made a walled flowerbed around the three outside walls on top of the concrete. It was just a low wall, but instead of growing weeds right around the edge of the yard, I broke up the side walls and placed the rubble and soil on top of the back flowerbed to make a long rockery, and a bigger yard space for Eldest to push her doll’s pram around in. Unfortunately, a family of rats moved in through a drainage hole in our back wall and took up residence underneath the rockery so I had to call the exterminators in.

          I was very relieved when the shell didn’t move and so I filled the hole and set about the right hand flowerbed with the bag and a half of compost leftover from the grass seeding.

          I didn’t skimp on the compost, Hubby said he would get me some more so I used up all of the leftovers in the right hand bed, and still had a gap where I needed to put more in by the back wall and corner behind the orange rose.

          A few weekends later I settled down again with a new bag of compost … And spotted another hole.

          Middle Daughter has been finding similar holes in her garden and with the help of a night-time sensory camera has established that a little field mouse has moved in, under her shed. I arranged to borrow her camera to investigate the hole in our garden too.

          However, it would appear that our new lodger is braver than the one in Middle’s garden, as while I was sitting on the top step, leveling off the compost at the front of the bed, he popped out of his hole in full daylight to see what was going on.

          Apparently he’s a Field mouse and very unlikely to make his way into the house, so I don’t have to evict him. I’m so glad he’s not a rat.

          Since Mouse isn’t being evicted, I carefully placed a small roll of cardboard into the hole while I built up the compost around it without causing a cave in.

          I placed a few large shells here and there as they seem to be working as cat deterants.

          And now that the right hand flowerbed is all spruced up going into the summer months, I just have to find the “oomph” to do the other one.

          More from before : Going’s on in my “Garden“.

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