We’ve never quite got around to buying a headboard for our bed. Our room always seems to be the last to be decorated and the patchwork to go with the pine is still very much a “W.I.P“. I saw a headboard a very long time ago made up of two pillows hanging on a curtain pole. I think it was in a hotel we stayed at somewhere so I could probably find the picture hidden away deep in the holiday files. I haven’t quite given up on the idea of making it one one day, but since one day is still a long way off in the distance, and since after decoratjng our room in the old house with cream walls, I was a bit miffed when the dye from the pillowcase left a mark on the wall. When I saw a pine headboard on the Facebook market place for just £20, it would have been rude not to go and get it in preparation for decorating the walls cream again this time.

          I don’t drive, I sometimes think that I would love to drive, but then I remember how long it often takes me to build up the confidence and find a big enough gap to walk across a road, and I take pity on other drivers and stick to the bus or train. However on some occasions, my need for independence outweighs my acceptance that I often need help, and jnstead of asking Hubby to take me somewhere in the car, I walk. This was the case when I went out and about on my “Lampshade shenanigans“, and was also the case when I found my headboard for sale.

          The address given for collection turned out to be just around the corner and down the road a bit. Mr Google reconed I could walk both there and back in under twenty minutes and to be fair he might have been quite close with his timing, but he didn’t take into account my calling into Asda first for some cashback, or the fact that I’d be carrying a double pine headboard on the way back.

          I arrived quite happily at the doorstep to collect the headboard and the lady who answered the door hadn’t brought it downstairs so she called her Hubby to help and I waited, the headboard duly arrived and was exchanged for the pennies I had brought, then the Hubby looked over my shoulder and asked where I was parked. I guess I did seem a bit strange, but he looked astounded when I said I was walking, even more so when I hitched the headboard up under my arm and toddled off down the road in the direction I had come.

          I make up my side of the bed with two pillows, not because I sleep on two pillows, I actually like quite a flat pillow, but because I like a soft surface at the top of my head when I sleep so I lean one pillow against the wall. Of course, a hard pine headboard doesn’t solve this problem at all. However, my original plan for the decoration in the bedroom includes terracotta and cream, and “Patchwork and Pine“. The new (old) pine headboard fits in brilliantly with my scheme and as the patchwork is very much ongoing, I plan to cut a piece of plywood to the same shape as the centre panel, I’ll add a piece of wadding to the front of the wood, then I’ll make a piece of patchwork the right shape to cover the whole caboodle and fix it to the front of the headboard.

          Since my original plan of patchwork curtains in the old house is no longer an option … too much window space … I have a lot of patchwork material to play with, and I’m a big fan of “To match“, so we have two short, fat cushions which we use to prop us up for watching TV or reading in bed, they’ll have a couple of patchwork covers. Then of course, there’s the rocking chair, I couldn’t possibly not make that to match too…..

          From there on, we’re just limited by my imagination.

          More from before : “Finishing and fixing“.


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