The view

          I don’t think Mum-in-law has managed to time a visit to our seaside to co-inside with the summer season, she’s usually here while storm something-or-other is passing through, but this time the town is alive with holidaymakers.

          One of Weymouth’s summer traditions is a fireworks display out in the bay each Monday throughout August, and so combining two traditions, Punch and Judy put on a Monday evening show too.

          I went along with Mum-in-law and we found a good spot just behind the railings. Each time I watch Punch and Judy I’m reminded how much the show makes me laugh, and this time was no exception.

          After the show Mum-in-law spotted a space to sit on one of the benches next to the flowerbeds on the prom. She kept a space for me while I queued for a tea and coffee to warm our hands with.

          We sat on our bench holding our warm cups and waited for news of the fireworks starting. I heard an announcement over the loud speaker and kicked my legs up and down at the knees from my sitting position, to my accompanying attempt at a chorus tune. The rest of the crowd started to chant “10”… “9”… “8”… And I realised the speaker had asked for a “Countdown”, not a “Can-can”.

          As the crowd counted the fireworks in, we scuttled around to behind the bench and clambered onto the low flowerbed wall, both laughing and wondering about how we were going to climb back down again.

          The lights went up and the bay was filled with colours and bright reflections.

          This “second childhood” is so much more fun than the first one … And no one makes you eat your greens.

          Thanks to “The View” and the many other eateries who stayed open late to provide refreshments for the fireworks.

More from before: a variety of “visitors and visitees“.

2 thoughts on “The view

  1. Hahaha! >>> LOVE the can-can!!!! And “This “second childhood” is so much more fun than the first one … And no one makes you eat your greens.” too – very true! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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