Pine project planning

          This is what I found on Facebook marketplace …

          I’ve had a “Patchwork and Pine” project in mind for our bedroom here since we moved house, however, as time passed the original idea mutated somewhat. At first I thought of relocating the bed from its present position to sit in front of the chimney breast and turn half of the room into a snug seating area, but eventually settled for buying a “Pine headboard” and making fitted wardrobes either side of a desk / dressing table instead.

          At one point, just the price of the pine cupboard doors, let alone the wood for building the frame, almost made me give up on the whole thing, but then I hit on an idea.

          People don’t seem to want their old pine wardrobes anymore and are turning to marketplace to get rid of them. At just £25 and an offer of free delivery this was too good to be missed, even if just for the doors, but when it arrived, it was solid pine through and through, an absolute bargain.

          The wardrobe was very old, but it’s age was shown in it’s quality as well as its scratches. Once it was thoroughly dismantled and separated into good wood and bad, there were more than enough pine pieces for me to start putting my imagination to work.

          The dividing wall between our room and the guestroom is made up of three cupboards, the airing cupboard opens up onto “The landing“. Behind the airing cupboard is another square section opening up into our room, and the third cupboard opens into the guestroom. The cupboard in our room has no door, and has been turned into an office space with shelves, electricity supply, and a keyboard shelf which slides in and out. My original plan was to brick up the doorway of the cupboard in our room, and open it up in the guestroom, but after a lot of consideration about the cost, and the workman needed for this job I was pursuaded against it.

          My plan now involves emptying this cupboard completely and building the chest of drawers you can see in the picture into the bottom of it, with an extra clothes rail above in the top half for Hubby’s uniform and such like. Then full length wardrobe doors will close over the top of the wall, pretending to be wardrobes reaching to the ceiling.

          Well, where do I start. Encouraged by the nice quality of the side panels of the wardrobe, the desk/dressing table is to be the first to be made. I have three good panels, so between them they can form the sides of the wardrobes which will show next to the chimney breast. I’ll use one and a half side panels on each, with the full panel up to the ceiling and the half panel down to the floor so that the join is hidden away below the desk.

          I guess maybe sanding down the aged varnished surface of each panel outside on the “Crazy patio” would make sense before I attach them to the wall. Being from a three-door wardrobe, the top and bottom panels are plenty wide enough to reach right across the chimney breast to make the desk top and a couple of narrower shelves for the TV to be raised onto the wall, and be surrounded by my dvd collection from inside the cupboard.

          There… I’ve made a plan. Once I’ve made the desk, the computer can sit on it, the computer desk in the bay window can be replaced by the rocking chair and I can start fitting the chest of drawers into the cupboard space.

          More from before : “Finishing and fixing“.

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