I found myself needing to navigate my way from Dorset County Hospital, to Dorchester centre and back again. So following the example of two clever children in grim circumstances, I put down some breadcrumbs to find my way.

          I turned left as I exited onto Williams avenue, then right at the next corner which took me onto Bridport Road in a shopwards direction.

          A military museum isn’t really my thing, but I do like the building its housed in, “The Keep“, I might well visit on another occasion just to look at the building inside, and of course to peer out through some of those amazing windows.

          Further down the road I came to a familiar shop, one very much to my liking and one I have already visited, “Frank Herring & Sons“. You will definately be hearing more of this shop, but for now, notice the tower of the Keep on the far right in the distance of my picture.

          St. Peter’s Church ….

          I’ve seen this church often as I’ve visited shops in South Street on market day. As I wander along the street on a Wednesday, in and out of shops, its my reminder to turn around and wander back in a marketwardly direction before I get lost.

          I went in search of a breakfast opportunity not to be missed and found “The Fridge” .

          My breakfast of choice here is a cheese straw, but if you’re ever in the area you simply must look at their selection of other goodies for yourself.

          I checked out the seating areas of the Costa as I entered more familiar territory, you can always rely on a Costa coffee to taste and look the same, no matter where you are, but the option of a small comfy corner didn’t present itself so I continued past the end of South Street, up the slight hill towards the market.

          A “Lounge” is becoming almost as familiar as a Costa on the high street, Weymouth has the Nautico Lounge, Bicester has the Torino Lounge, Penarth has the Ocho Lounge, and Dorchester has the Vivo Lounge.

          I found myself a table hidden away in a corner and made myself comfortable to kill some time until I was needed back at the hospital.

          More from before … Discovering “Dorchester” .

2 thoughts on “Breadcrumbs

  1. Lovely post, Hallysann, I enjoyed walking along beside you. Particularly like the close up of the food in The Fridge!!! Well I am a FATman … Not so sure about the hospital though, hope you’re ok. 🙂

    • The food in the Fridge is a lot more to Hubby’s taste than mine, but the cheese straws, now they’re something special. Unfortunately as has often been the case, another food shop I would have visited was a Baker who made apple and custard pasties… I’ll leave that with your imagination. 😊

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