Hats & slippers

          It’s time for Hubby’s comp in Norwich again, and so of course, it’s time for me to go shopping. Norwich shopping is very varied, but two of my favourite shops are on the market.

          The first is the slipper shop, real sheepskin and leather slippers. I used to live in pair of these at home, my feet get cold and so the rheumatism travels upwards so I always have my slippers to keep my feet warm. I can’t wear these fluffy sheepskin ones anymore though, I need more support around my feet to wear insoles, it appears that in the same way my feet are connected to my legs, my knee bones are connected to my hip bones and so far and so forth.

          However, I still stand by them as the best slippers ever. I buy them for Hubby, and one particular Son-in-law, who doesn’t read this blog so will still have no idea he’s due a new pair for Christmas.

          When we arrived in Norwich on Friday, the slipper shop was gone. The pitch was locked up but they hadn’t been replaced, so I kept my fingers crossed and went back Saturday. Much to my relief, the slipper lady was there. In the same spot that she has occupied for as many years as we’ve been coming to the Norwich comp.

          Hubby gave me instructions to buy something for myself. I’m guessing the hat stall in the market wouldnt have been his first choice for me to get something, but that’s where I headed. My green rain hat is showing signs of wear and tear, I wear it a lot, it goes with two different coats and it’s wide brim not only keeps the rain off of my glasses, but keeps the sun out of my eyes too. I was very much in need af a new green rain hat.

          Of course, the hat stall of any market is good, but the Norwich Market hat stall is quite large and has a particularly good selection. As soon as I arrived, I spotted a hat in the same style as my green one, but in a red wine colour… A perfect match for the colour of a particular comfortable pair of boots I have.

          I wandered round and round the stall, admiring the hats on offer and found a stack of brown hats. Hmmn, brown would do, but given the choice of just brown… I would choose the wine coloured one.

          I picked up a couple of brown ones and took them to the front of the stall to check the colour… And found a green one in the middle … What a dilemma.

          I ummed and arrred, and arrred and ummed, and eventually explained my dilemma to the hat man in a hope he would make my decision for me… The red one for £12 or the green one for £12? Eventually I gave in… How much for both I asked?

         … And so I have two new hats ….

          The one I really “needed”, the green one to replace my worn out hat at home was the standard price of £12. So at two for £20, my extra red one, to match my boots at the bargain price of just £8.

          More from before : Winter weekends in “Norwich“.

3 thoughts on “Hats & slippers

  1. It’s always nice to be given a bargain that allows for both choices. 🙂 I could use a good rain hat, too, now that you mention it. I might have to go shopping.

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