Just dropped in…

          I’ve just dropped in to let myself know I’m still here. I had my chance to check out early about thirty years ago and passed it up so I’m afraid I’m here for the long haul, you don’t get rid of me that easily.

          To be fair, I’ve been through the last two years and come out pretty much unscathed. If I was counting the years upwards and worrying about the grey hairs I would seriously consider asking for a refund, I don’t seem to have used the last two years at all, so I shouldn’t have to count them. However, I am now counting down to retirement in single figures so I’ll take any extra time on offer to get there sooner.

          Time has passed, day in and day out, I’m still semi-retired and living at my seaside, still working at my little supermarket, and still decorating the house.

          I’m still building the wardrobes in my bedroom, the desk is all but finished, and I’ve built the box on the bottom of the left alcove. Next I’ll be building the frame for the main chunk of wardrobe and moving Hubby’s clothes into it so that I can make use of the doors of the wardrobe his clothes are in now.

          Whilst I had the electric saw out, I took advantage of Hubby to carry the airing cupboard door downstairs for me. It hasn’t opened and closed easily since we had the new carpet on the stairs and landing so I just cut a thin slither off from across the bottom. After Hubby carried the door back upstairs and I’d fixed it back on, I decided not to bother him again immediately and stood to admire the new free swing of the door on my own.

          When I got up the next morning, as is my custom, I just huddled downstairs in the corner of my sofa, surrounded by a nest of cushions. Hubby, as is his way, got up and turned the heating on to take the edge of the morning chill ready to instantly tackle whatever the world had to throw at him. That particular morning, he pulled open the airing cupboard door with his usual vigor, and bopped himself on his head …

          I probably shouldn’t have found this as funny as I did… And I guess laughing out loud wasn’t the expected response either.

          My sanity has taken a battering, but there’s a pretty good chance that by the time the daffodils have finished flowering this spring that I’ll be back into a comfortable coasting mode.

          In the meantime, my crafting mojo has returned and now that I’m no longer selling my crafting at the shop, I’m enjoying just making whatever I feel like for my own enjoyment.

          I’ve just finished making a couple of sleeveless pullovers for the “Little Man” and now I’ve started on a new project for myself, I’m making a wooden string puppet.

          She’s going to be a little fairy, her name will be Pan, short for Pandora, and eventually she will have a little house which folds away in a box, and opens up into a background for her to dance around. Inspired by two wonderful puppets I watched in Barcelona, and by vague memories of playing with a puppet my Dad made many, many moons ago.

2014-06. Puppet house.

         Watch this space …

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