Rotary toys

          Hubby bought me a rotary toy for my birthday. Just a small one, it was advertised for engraving, personalising your work and carving both with wood and stone. The stone carving sounded very interesting, but I already had a wood carving project in mind and asked my girls to get me a few extra bits and pieces for Christmas to go with it.

          Being my first foray into wood carving I wasn’t quite sure what I would enjoy using but when my extra drill bits arrived, their shafts were too big for my engraver. So I bought a second rotary toy in the next size up.

          I used a little box I had stashed away for other crafting purposes to store my rotary toys in, and even started to make little storage racks for the various bits I had accumulated, but then disaster struck…

          I started on carving a head for a string puppet (she’s going to be a fairy called Pan, but you’ll meet her later). I spent an afternoon cutting and carving Pan’s head, but the workload was too much for my little rotary engravers and they both appear to have been mortally wounded.

          I salvaged what I could, said a sad goodbye to my new little rotary toys… And treated myself to a bigger, more powerful one. However, this meant I needed a bigger box.

          My craft stash didn’t stretch to the size of box I needed so I hunted about elsewhere until I found something suitable.

          Unfortunately I have been spoiled by the quality of my little stash boxes. Especially so since they were originally just unwanted containers, sold off as discards from a retailer who had already sold the contents. I’m guessing they were imported from somewhere where time is cheaper than glue.

          My new box needed a little TLC before I was happy to use it. I took off the Fixings and rubbed the box down slightly, sanding off any little splinters waiting to stick into unsuspecting fingers, and reattached the lid with the hinges in matching places so now the lid makes a level tray when it’s open.

          I’m happy with my new box, so I’m ready to play again… And Hubby? He’s happy if I’m happy of course, but also happy that I am able to put my new toys away when I’ve finished playing with them.

          More from before: A little peek further into the world that I’ve “Created“.


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