Patchwork headboard

          The “Headboard” in our room is nearing completion. The patchwork cover has been ready for a couple of months.

          I cut out a sheet of amazon packing paper to the same size as the panel in the middle of the pine headboard and used that as a template for the shape I needed.

          You can see how the patchwork progressed in my post about “W. I. P” (work in progress. The process of cutting both card and material to the two size hexagon shapes, tacking the material around the card to form the shape, then sewing the shapes together by hand, is surprisingly relaxing. But there is an immense wave of satisfaction when the card templates are finally removed to reveal the completed pattern.

          Below you can see the three stages of the patchwork in one picture …

          Next I added a backing of plain lining material and trimmed it to the shape of my template. With a border of bias binding and a few strategically placed loops the headboard cover was ready.

          My plan was always to cut a wooden panel, add a piece of sponge, wrap that in some wadding, and then cover the whole caboodle with the patchwork before fixing it onto the front of the headboard by screwing through from the back.

          I was advised to treat the patchwork with a spray protector, it took me a while to find one, I looked around locally but ended up buying it from an online supplier, then I had to wait for the weather so that I could spray it outside. I’m glad I waited, the smell and fumes! Well, they filled the kitchen when, fearing rain, I brought it inside to finish drying. Hubby lit the grill and I could smell the fumes burning, so a few candles lit here and there eventually finished off the job.

          I’ve had the foam and wadding sitting around since before Christmas, we went to our usual visit to “Norwich” for Hubby’s sports comp, and I bought it on one of the market stalls there. I do love Norwich Market, its always so friendly, and I wasn’t disappointed when the foam seller measured out half inch bigger than my template as requested, and then proceeded to cut the foam to size and shape for me.

          The plan seemed to be going pretty well until I started to put it together. I had made my patchwork cover bigger than my template but then I had cut my wood to the same size as my foam. Not ideal, instead of nestling inside the foam when pressed, the wood became the frame.

          I toyed with the idea of undoing the binding on my patchwork and making it bigger, but once I laid everything out on the floor I could see that it was still big enough… just.

          My whole plan had been based around making the patchwork cover removable so that I could wash it if it needed freshening up. The plan of threading string through the binding and simply pulling it tight didn’t work, it didn’t pull tight enough and left too many crinkles on the front. Eventually I ended up making a whole web of string on the back to pull it tight on the front.

          Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I have plenty of patches left and so will make up another headboard cover for (hopefully) many moons away when this one needs replacing. But next time, I’ll just make it bigger and pull it tightly over the foam and wadding, attaching it with upholstery tacks straight onto the back.

          Meanwhile, the covered panel is standing up against the wardrobe, pretending to be an odly shaped surfboard while my hands and wrists recover from my attempt at upholstery.

          More from before: A little peek further into the world that I’ve “Created“.


6 thoughts on “Patchwork headboard

    • Thanks Caramel, I enjoy little repetitive things, I find it relaxing, and if the little things make you happy, then the big things Don’t seem to matter so much. 😊

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