Hubby’s wardrobe

          Moving on from the “Pine dresser” I found my time and energy occupied by a number of visits and visitors, but I did eventually get back to the fitted wardrobes in the bedroom. My first piece of the puzzle involved building a box, both strong enough to support further building, and cosy enough to house two of the pine drawers from the four drawer chest I’d bought for the side panels of the desk.

          I think this was by far the most difficult bit of the bedroom furnishings so far, but it eventually came together around the drawers and, despite the lack of a square corner on the walls, and with a little help from some good old fashioned soap on the wooden runners, the drawers will open and shut well enough so as not to be frustrating.

          The drilling of holes in the wall is not a strong point of mine. However, I have recently found a new friend for my drill… “No nails” … I don’t trust it completely, so I drill the holes in the wall best as I can, and then combine the two, the no-nails and the screws.

          With the uprights in place and the top shelf of the wardrobe thoroughly supported to take the weight of a clothes rail, I was ready to build and attach the front frame.

          With the need for an ongoing supply of matching timber for this part, I was drawn back to the local D. I. Y. store, and was to be seen making the medium length walk from there to my house on more than a few occasions with lengths of timber of varying shapes and sizes propped over my shoulder.

          If my plan had been to paint the whole caboodle when finished, I could have just screwed the front straight onto the framework I had built and disguised the screws with my good friend the pollyfiller before painting, but the plan to stain the wood and possibly varnish it after meant a lot of hidden fixing was involved… The drilling and screwing of bits of batten, first this way and that, onto the inside made me appreciative of the pre-installed hidden fixings in flat-packed furnature.

          I installed a clothes rail, (a black metal one to match the black hinges I’d bought) , then added the first door from Hubby’s old wardrobe and the first support for the front of the top shelf. It was nice to see my creation finally looking vaguely like a wardrobe.

          Next came a little consulting with Hubby, which clothes he was planning to hang where, what would he use the rest of the space for etc.

          I built in a box shelf to the left two thirds, and left the right third open top to bottom for the possibility of longer items, suit covers and the likes of.

          Once it was ready to fill, however. Hubby exercised what is usually a woman’s perogative and changed his mind as to where he hung his clothes, completely missing the point of our consultation. But once the doors are closed I can no longer see that my personalised design feature inside is in the wrong place, and instead of smiling at the success of my design, I shall just roll my eyes and smile because Hubby is Hubby.

          With the top part of the frame fitted, Hubby’s wardrobe is ready for use. The doors for the top box will follow when I eventually reach the top of my wardrobe too and I’m a little more sure of the right size.

          In the meantime. I’ve got a chest of drawers and some shelves, and a clothes rail to fit into the cupboard on the left next.

          … And of course, to make the top half of the cupboard complete, I have the doors from the “Pine wardrobe” which started this all moving.

          More “Fixings and finishings” on the new house.


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