Garden update

          It would seem that four years has passed since I spent my time “Building the Garden“. It pretty much looks as I had “Imagined” it would.

          The garden was made for sitting in, for spending time enjoying company, not for spending hours maintaining a perfect picture. I’m often to be found drinking tea or coffee with friends who have gathered around the kitchen table and migrated to the garden on warm, sunny days.

          Eldest Daughter visited, and Grandson enjoyed the shells which deter the neighbouring cats from my flowerbeds, he also enjoyed the dragons and butterfly, amongst other garden ornaments.

          The white paint has stood up well to the winter seaside squalls, any lighthouse owner would be more than happy with the promise it makes on the tin. My black cast iron garden ornaments are needing another rub down and protective coating of metal paint this summer, which in turn should prevent any new rust marks which need touching up here and there on the white paint.

          Mum-in-law, like Hubby, enjoys the sun trap I’ve created in our own little piece of seaside, personally, I enjoy the early morning coffees on the patio and the warm evenings as the sun goes down, myself.

          The roses in the left flowerbed are a year behind those on the right but now that I’ve worked out the right level of tlc to keep them happy and healthy, I’m looking forward to both sides covering the top of the arches next year.

          The winter has seen me building “Wardrobes” in the bedroom, but the fine weather is drawing me back to the garden with paintbrush and can in hand… The wardrobes will still be there when the weather sends me back to play indoors again.

          More from before : Going’s on in my “Garden“.


2 thoughts on “Garden update

  1. Hardly believe you have been there for four years. The gardens looking great and I’m sure everyone enjoys sitting out there on sunny days. No sunny days here it’s the bleak midwinter. So enjoy your summer because I’m sorry to say that eventually autumn will creep in and followed by winter. Cheers

    • Hi Judith, I struggle with winter too but I have found the camera helps. Peering through the eye of the camera in winter, I see prettiness that I wouldn’t have seen if the trees and plants were in my line of vision. The stormy seas bring their own pictures with them, the colours of everyday things seem deeper when they’re wet, and then of course there are puddle pictures, I’m often to be seen peering into puddles at strange angles. 😆

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