Venice again

          After not being able to travel to our chosen, less extravagant destinations during covid, all of our missed and cancelled cheaper holidays added up to one expensive one, so where did we go? … Venice of course.

          Hubby did really well this time and got us a room in a quirky hotel with our windows looking out directly onto the grand canal, just a few minutes walk from the “Rialto Mercato“.

          After discovering the wonders of the “Vaporetto” on my first visit to Venice with Eldest Daughter, our week-long pass on this water-bus was a no-brainer, this ticket can be extended to include the bus ride from the airport to Roma where you then transfer to the vaporetto with your suitcases and alight at the nearest stop to your hotel. We had only taken cabin size cases which made negotiating the airport easier, but this time, with the benefit of having our hotel on the Grand Canal, and of course, for a few extra Euros, Hubby organised a share of a water-taxi from the airport to drop us, and our cases at the front door to our hotel.

          The two windows to the top right in the picture above were to be ours.

          And the view from the windows? ….

          Wow! … Just Wow!

          More from before : visits to “Venice” in Aug 2006, Jul 2013, Jun 2018 and October 2022.

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