Blogging Buddies

          Putting my memories, old and new, on record to look back on at a later date was the main reason for starting this blog, but it’s been made so much more than just an online record by the interaction of some great friends I’ve made along the way.

2013-09. Coffee with friends.

          So make yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and drop in to see some of the Blogging Buddies who have made making this blog so much fun.  I’ll be adding a few at a time as I get chance, I’m sure they’ll all be pleased to see you.

          In reverse alphabetical order (just to be different) …

          “The Lantern Room”   ~  Meanderer takes wonderful photos and always manages to find something beautiful to look at, even in the middle of winter.

          “Ouch My Back Hurts”   ~  Aj writes and photographs from Greater Dublin and the Leinster area, there’s often a travel tale to read or a walk along one of Dublin’s canals to look at.

          “Imagery of Light”  ~  Sheila never fails to amaze me with her photography, especially the abstract pictures she displays.

          “I choose how I will spend the rest of my life” ~  Judith is making memories, one day at a time.  I had the pleasure of actually meeting her on her travels and I assure you she is just a nice in real life as she is on the blogspher. 

           “FATman Photos”  ~  Adrian is based in Bristol and finds pictures in places I wouldn’t even dream of looking for them.

          “Breezes at Dawn”   ~  Robin takes us regularly on a stroll searching out “animals, minerals and vegetables on the Wabi-Sabi Ranch” with beautiful results.


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