I’ve been putting my thoughts on paper again.

          My drawing isnt to scale, but it’s not too far off, the bath is too long, and the door is too wide, in theory I’m standing with my back against the towel radiator to view the picture… If you can use your imagination and look hard, you can just about see me in the new mirror.

          The bathroom needs an upgrade.  Nothing too drastic, just basically replacing old and worn out with new and fully working.  I’ve concentrated on straight lines and ease of cleaning, no little corners for cobwebs to appear, and clean lines around the outside of the floor to easily run a mop around . 

          The bathroom update I have in mind requires a plumber.  In the last house I did most of the decorating myself and called in my plumber to do the bits I couldn’t.  This time I’m giving in and letting more workmen play with my house.   Of course I’ll be watching, very carefully, scrutinising their work and making sure they know exactly what I want them to do… 

           I’ll be sort of project manager and quality control all rolled in to one.

          I’m not sure whether to say wish me luck… Or them.

          More “Fixings and finishings“. 


          It’s going to be really difficult to pick my favourite photograph, or my most memorable moment from our break in Lille but this saxophone player entertaining  in front of the Old Stock Exchange building in the “Place du General de Gualle” has to be way up there with many others so I’ll leave you in his company while I catch up with a few comments, blogs, and other happenings while I was away, not to mention sorting through the few hundreds of photos I brought back with me.

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