What do you see?


          I see a white walled garden, I see little birds playing on the deep red roses growing on arched frames in each flowerbed.  I’m not sure if they’re sparrows or blue tits, are they looking for greenfly maybe, there weren’t any there when I checked yesterday.  Oh look, one has just flown to the hanging bird feeder swinging on a bracket I’ve fixed to the wall on the right.

          I can see a whisp or two of white cloud reflected with the blue sky in the mirror on the wall underneath the right side rose arch, the black lines I’ve painted onto it work well to give the illusion of a window into somewhere on the other side, into another dimension, or into my imagination maybe…

          I see a big flat circular something hiding in the arch on the left flowerbed wall, I can’t quite make out if it’s a giant clock face or not, but both flowerbeds are full of colour, overflowing in gentle cascades down their front walls.  Oh look, there’s a bird bath in the left flowerbed, I must top up the water, but I’ll do it later, I won’t disturb the little birds while they’re playing.  The wooden gate is a redwood colour, and, has the chrome door furniture been replaced by a nice black handle and a black lock?  I can’t quite see from this angle.  The steps have been painted too, a warm terracotta colour with thin white lines on the side edges so you don’t miss your footing when the sun goes down. 

          I’m looking across blades of green grass showing level with the top of the dividing wall, Hubby cut the lawn last weekend, it might just last out the week before it needs another cut.  These white walls trap the sun perfectly for Hubby, he’s been sitting in one of the deckchairs taking in a few rays, listening to the radio, he left his book on the seat so he’ll be back, but he’s gone in now, and the birds have come out to play for a while instead.

      Oh look, the shed guttering is fixed, it’s black now, like the new brackets I had to put up when we first moved in, and the rainwater runs in the opposite direction towards the drainpipe next to the kitchen instead of pouring into the imaginary water butt which was never there. Oh, and there’s a handrail running up the side of the steps against the shed wall, that’s a good idea, I’m fine up and down the steps at the moment, but there are definite signs that I won’t be very agile in the future.

          The shed door is just a white shed door now, it did make me laugh when I discovered that they’d just cut the old one off at the new level when they built the decking in front of it.  The whole door opens and closes now instead of just the top three quarters. 

          I see a round wrought iron table on the nicely levelled crazy patio.  The black curved legs and the terracotta mosaic top go really well against the white wall, and I see the bench bases have wooden slatted bench tops on them now too, treated with the same redwood preserver as the gate.  I like the way the tops of the seats are deeper than the bases, I always find I sit more comfortably with my feet tucked further back.  I see the side of the middle steps is painted white the same as the walls, but the tops are the same terracotta colour as the top steps, and look, so is the path down to the little concrete yard by the kitchen window and back door, the yard looks so much better with the lumpy bits levelled off, and it’s amazing the difference a coat of coloured paint has made.

          I must have dozed off for a while… No surprise there.  Hubby’s brought the deckchair in, and I can see the solar powered fair lights beginning to twinkle amongst the roses in the flowerbeds.  He’s lit the bits of wood I put ready in the chimineare too.  It’s a lovely evening, I might grab one of the crochet throws from the back of the settee indoors and stay outside for a bit longer.  I can turn on the little lights above the back door as the sun goes down further, and I think I’ve got some marshmallows in the cupboard which might need toasting …

          Care to join me ? 

          More “Fixings and finishings” on the new house.


The cat lady


          Can you see her too? 

          She’s standing sideways with her face turned towards you, one cat bundled up in her arms and another sitting on a table, or the back of a sofa in front of her. 

          Can you see her or is she like the little voices in my head … Just talking to me  ?

          Apparently, the human mind is programed with facial recognition, so if you can see my cat lady then you’re not completely bonkers, nutty as a fruitcake maybe if you sit and talk to her, and if she answers you … We’ll, we just won’t go there today.

          My cat lady has only been around since Christmas, remember the “Downstairs Inconvenience” incident on Christmas evening which had me pulling up the flooded laminate flooring in the littlest room ? She was hidden away on the concrete floor underneath.

          Everything has well and truly dried out now, I’ve got one little corner outside that I’m going to squirt a little more bath sealant into (good old bath sealant) and then since most of the mud mountain outside has almost been turned into a garden now I’m almost ready to put some black sticky floor tiles in place of the laminate floor.  The tiles are probably going to end up as one of those tempory measures which last for ever, but in any case, my cat lady can go quietly back under the flooring where she lived before.

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          It’s going to be really difficult to pick my favourite photograph, or my most memorable moment from our break in Lille but this saxophone player entertaining  in front of the Old Stock Exchange building in the “Place du General de Gualle” has to be way up there with many others so I’ll leave you in his company while I catch up with a few comments, blogs, and other happenings while I was away, not to mention sorting through the few hundreds of photos I brought back with me.

           More from Before : A city-break in “Lille“, October 2012.

In the frame

          One of the blogs I’ve been following, “The Incredible Lightness of Seeing” was just what I needed for inspiration for this post.  The blog is written by “The petal pusher” and in her latest post, “Two subjects“, I found myself in a very familiar position … peering through a hole in a wall.

          This is one of the pictures I took recently when my sister came to visit.  We were playing with one of the security barriers in an empty children’s playground …

          These two are from Peel Castle in the Isle of Man …

          Another taken peering through the rocks at the sea behind Portland Bill Lighthouse …

         These are probably not the first “framed” pictures I’ve posted, and they very probably won’t be the last.