The morning after

          Yesterday was one of the best mornings after the night before I’ve had in a long time.

          I woke up after a lay-in,  went downstairs and while the kettle boiled I put away the stacks of washed and dried dishes, two of my guests had washed up during the evening, Thankyou,  and then I settled down with a plate of pudding party leftovers for breakfast.

2014-09. Morning after.

          P.s. I’ve added the recipe for my “Pear and ginger crumble muffins” shown in the picture to my online recipe book, “Cakes and more”

Pudding dilema

          Well, what a dilemma to have …

          I’m having a pudding party tomorrow and I’m as yet still undecided as to what pudding to do.  Obviously my choice of pudding will be a cake, I really do love baking cakes and since I’ve been dieting for what seems like ages, cakes have been a little far away from the planned line of action.  Oh don’t get me wrong, there have been cakes, shop bought ones, eaten quickly for instant gratification before the guilt sets in, but as for the actual enjoyment of baking a cake, I don’t believe I’ve made one for close to seven months now … so here’s my dilemma, which to choose.

          I find myself unable to decide.  I’d like to bake something which I can use the opportunity to add another photograph to “Cakes and more“, my online recipe book, but I seem to be turning towards an old favourite or two, with a couple of different twists.

2013-07. Apricot branloaf.

          “Branloaf” is always a good choice, pictured here with apricots instead of raisins, fibre isn’t a strong point in my everyday diet (not my weight loss diet, my normal one) so when I found this recipe I thought it was a brilliant addition to my collection, an almost healthy cake where I can almost trick my brain into thinking I’m eating it on medical grounds.  I could add a couple of different twists here, there are a few dietery issues around the family here and there, so I thought I might give it a go with soya milk (I’ve actually tried that one before, it worked well, and soya, as well as being a dairy replacement, is a very easy way to trick the body into thinking it’s oestrogen levels are behaving as they should), I’ve got some of that sugar replacement powder stuff sitting in the cupboard so I could use that up instead of the sugar, if it alters the consistency I’ve made the cake often enough to easily compensate with the flour before I bake it.

          Gluten is a temporary additional consideration in my cake making this time so I’ve bought some gluten free flour, but I think I’ll stick to the normal self raising for the branloaf, I know the soya milk works and if the sugar replacement or the gluten free flour don’t go quite right, I won’t know which one to not use next time.

          Well that’s pretty much decided then I’ll put the branloaf on to soak this evening so that I can bake it in the morning, then I’ll sit it in an airtight container until the evening before I cut it, I always make two because it’s always nicer after it’s been sitting for a while, and the first one very rarely gets the time to sit.

          A friend of mine has been looking at a rhubarb crumble muffin recipe online, I believe the BBC Good Food website is to thank for this one.  However, as much as I like the idea of the crumble topping, their recipe has buttermilk in the muffins, saying I’m not a great fan of buttermilk would be an understatement to say the least, so I’ve been thinking of resorting to my own “American Style Muffins” and adding the topping to those.  Rhubarb isn’t a very popular dish in our household either, as much as this means I usually don’t have to share, sharing is the whole object of the pudding party so replacing the rhubarb with pears and maybe adding a little ginger to the crumble topping is an idea I’ve been playing with.

          But then there’s another problem rapidly arising in the kitchen, I’m really fussy about eating bananas, they mustn’t be bumped during shopping, I won’t eat them if their bruised.  I’m not keen on them if they’re too green, even the thought of biting into an under ripe banana just sent shivers down my spine.  I like them when the first little brown dots appear on the yellow skins, but once there are more than just a few dots on show, then I will abandon them completely ( or put them in a cake)  I have two such bananas on my veg/fruit rack at the moment.  I’m either going to have to eat both bananas this evening or make some “Banana Sponge Squares” tomorrow.

          So now you see my dilemma, is three cakes an overkill ?

          What is a girl to do ?