I’ve come to the end of my candle . This is not a metaphor holding the answer to life, the universe and everything, I have quite literally, come to the end of my candle.

          Hubby has a tendancy to worry, I have no doubt what so ever that I give him good cause, but for my part I do try ever so hard not to be the reason behind the latest frown lines starting to develop across his brow.

          My memory is  not what it used to be … A strange statement in itself, I dont remember how good or bad my memory was. My immediate memory is totally shot, I’ve been known to have two or more cups of coffee on the go at once where I will make a cuppa, get distracted, and still being thirsty, make another. Yes, entertaining I agree, but I can completely see how this could turn out to be quite dangerous as far as candles are concerned so I’ve not burnt a candle in years.

          In our new house though, we have a wood burner in the room, sitting on a small tiled hearth (soon to be replacedrby a slightly larger slate one). On this hearth I now have a sturdy lantern for the safe lighting of candles and I have watched for many an hour as my candle has flickered its way down to just a little stub, almost ready to be replaced by a second candle waiting patiently for its turn.



          It’s amazing how the brain can work wonders with the eyes to turn a few shapes and squiggles into a picture.  Do you remember the “Strange goodbyes” I made to the friendly faces I’d found on the pattern of the flooring in the littlest room of the house?  Well today I found some new friends in the floor tiles of the new bathroom.

          A young boy, dressed in shorts and sitting, facing to the left, on a swing with his feet stretched out to his little sister.  She has long hair flowing down her back and is shorter than her brother and can only just reach up to push his feet as he swings back and for.

          Can you see them?



When we were selling our house we used to vacate the premises for a viewing regularly.  Hubby had a particular routine of what had to be done and where things had to go on these occasions. We hid bits of clutter in cupboards and under beds, as you do,  but apart from this certain things had to be perfectly placed in certain ways to make them look just right. To be honest, I really didn’t see the point in most of the positioning, but this is his way and it made him happy so I did what I could to help and as you know, we eventually sold the house.

We only had the one viewing of our new house. We found it online and considering how good the estate agent pictures made our house look online I shouldn’t have been quite as surprised as I was at how much tlc it really needed, but the location was perfect and I have a pretty good imagination so I could see myself living there after a few improvements and a lot of tlc.


I looked at these pictures so many times online that I could almost feel myself in the different rooms if I closed my eyes. I somehow managed not to see the things which are glaringly obvious to me in the pictures now.  Hubby of course was struck by so many bad bits when we visited that I was almost pleased we couldn’t  make a second visit so that he didn’t find any more.


However, Hubby was particularly taken with the size of the kitchen and the huge wooden table which held centre stage. I saw the table, yes, but my eyes were drawn to the primary colour tiles above the worktop.

I know that when buying a house you’re not actually buying the contents, but since moving into our new home we’ve been busy furnishing it and after looking once again at the estate agent photos Ive noticed we’ve not only bought an almost identical kitchen table and chairs, but we’ve bought the same coffee table for the lounge too.

I had been looking at the type of furniture way before I looked at this house. We’ve gradually whittled down the furniture we had as the girls left home with their bits and belongings so we did need to buy more than a few pieces, not to mention of course the bits we did bring which didn’t make it through the front door, but I wonder if my choice of furniture being present in the pictures had any impact on my choosing the house.

In the same way, I also wonder if Hubby’s perfectly positioned props helped to sell ours.