Abergavenny market hall

          Not quite at the moving stage of packing up, I’m busy backing up to make sure I don’t lose anything electronically on route to our new location. According to my list of Who, What, Where and When, I only have two posts from a day I spent meeting up via train with Little Sister in Abergavenny so lets see if I can’t find a few more memories to share from the files.

4. Abergavenny market hall.

          The two posts I have done about our day out served to remind me of the heavy rain showers of the day… and the subsequent reward of rainbows.  During one of such a shower, we ducked into the market hall for shelter and were treated to a wonderful display of vegetables … hanging from the ceiling.

5. Vegetables.

6. Gardening tools.

7. Pumpkins.

8. Vegegable basket.

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Travel theme: Connections

          I don’t very often take up a challenge here on WordPress but after reading “Aj’s post” this morning I went over to “Ailsa’s blog” and joined right in.

2. Number 2.

          I was waiting on platform number two in Hereford, playing with the camera of course, but also texting back and for with Little Sister who was also waiting for her train on platform number two in Cardiff.  Both trains were destined for Abergavenny where Little Sister and I connected for the day.  So there you have it, two connections in one  … the trains to Abergavenny, and the text messages which kept us up to date with the travel status.  How could I not join in.

3. Platform 2.

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Ticker tape rainbow

          During a blustery wet day in Abergavenny Mother Nature gave us a parade of rainbows, and provided her own brand of ticker tape to complete the show.

2013-11. Rainbow leaves.

          Hubby had another Hereford comp and so I had another planned day’s shopping in Hereford with Little Sister, however, the mice and men had their way with our plans again and Little Sister couldn’t make it to Hereford so we picked somewhere half way between there and Cardiff and ended up in Abergavenny for the day.  It turned out to be a very blustery day splattered with dark clouds, very heavy showers and high winds.  We soon got the hang of stepping out in the sunshine between the showers and sheltering while the rain hammered down and the wind came up.

          The rain was almost horizontal at times so standing with our backs to some high trees proved to be plenty of shelter as the wind blew the storm cloud past us.  We were treated to numerous rainbows between the showers and at this particular point, the wind whipped up a swirl of confetti from the trees behind us to add to the picture.

           More from before : a day out in “Abergavenny” in November 2013.