Bristol boat

          A little smile from a while ago…


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          The Mothership : Mash, pie, mushy peas and gravy.

2014-11. Mother ship.

          The picture above was Little Sister’s lunch on our last visit to Bristol.  Mine didn’t have the mushy peas… I don’t go in for all that green stuff, far too healthy for my liking.

          Little Sister hadn’t eaten at a Pieminster before so it was a new experience for her.  I was reminded of my first Pieminster,  which was actually at the very same place in St. Nicholas Market, many moons ago.

          I was visiting my old school friend in her hometown (actually, I shouldn’t call her old, I’m two months ahead of her on the countdown to retirement so from now on I’ll just call her Schoolfriend). Anyway, I was visiting Schoolfriend in Bristol and knowing my liking of markets and little streets,  and my very limited taste in food we ended up at Pieminster for lunch.

          We ordered at the counter and took our food with us to the table, a strangely sociable experience as we squashed onto long benches alongside the table and the people at the far end against the wall couldn’t get out unless we moved. The strange seating arrangement would obviously be no good for a business meeting or to discuss a private matter, but once I was comfortable at the table I stopped thinking of the little, everyday, conversations which were going on around me and enjoyed my pie.  Actually I very much enjoyed my pie, and the mash … and the gravy… Oh, and the huge mug of tea I had to wash it down too.

2014-11. Pieminster front.

          My second Pieminster experience was in Oxford, and just as memorable.  I had met up with Judith and her sister.  Judith writes “ I Choose how I will spend the rest of my life” and was bravely navigating around the globe on her own, visiting sisters and many other beautiful places on route.  It was wonderful to be able to fit in with a slot in her itinerary and really enjoyed the day spent with new “real life” friends.  I wanted to give my blogging buddies some very original memories to take away with them.  Lunch at the Randolph would have been amazing, but would have blown the budget out of the water, so instead I took the advice of Middle Daughter and we ended up at the Pieminster in the Oxford covered market.

          Again as seems to be the way, we picked up our pies at the counter and then squeezed onto the end of someone elses table to sit and eat.  Also again, the little conversations around us seemed to melt into our pies as we ate and enjoyed out own conversations as if we were the only three people lunching that day.

2014-11. Pieminster seats.

          All three pictures here are of the Pieminster in Bristol’s St. Nicholas market on my visit with Little Sister.  Again we sat, chatted and laughed our way through our pies as if we were the only people eating that day.

          A few days later after my sister had returned home, she sent me an excited message to say she had found a Pieminster in Cardiff.  On my next visit there I’ll simply have to drop in and compare … all in the name of research you understand.”

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Pretty Bristol

          I’ll leave you with just one more picture of Bristol for now before I tuck the files away for safe-keeping again …

          Another view of the pretty pastel houses which draw your eyes in-between the boats and across the water.  Enough to brighten any greying skyline, even on the chilliest of mornings.

2015-01. Boat view.

           More from before : a couple of weekends in “Bristol“.