Train lines

IMG_3974. Tracks.

          Staying with my Bristol floating harbour pictures for a while longer, I enjoyed the lines from the train tracks while I was wandering along, and as for the sleepers, well with my twilight existence the fact that I enjoyed the sleepers go without saying.

          There were a couple of warning signs about though which said I should be a little wary where I was standing, the lines are apparently very much still in use.  I’ll have to find out more about that for my next visit.

IMG_3985. Train lines.

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2015-01. Anchor.

          Whilst walking along the other side of the river to Bristol’s floating harbour, Little Sister and I walked far enough to see the mast of the S.S. Great Britain, far enough to realise we were on the wrong side of the river, but no further.  The picture above, taken from the harbour side of the river looks past the giant anchor to see the derelict church-like building where we turned about and headed back towards the beginning of our walk.

          If we’d have been on the right side of the river, we would have come to the entrance to the Great Western Dockyard where the Great Britain is housed.  I didn’t go in to visit it this time, I’ll wait until maybe Little Sister is there with me next time, visits like this are much more fun when you share them.

          Take a look at the pastel coloured houses in the background, lines of these stood out like coloured pencil drawings along the high ground on both sides of the river, you could almost be forgiven for thinking you were at the seaside.

2015-01. Great Western Dockyard.

          After I’d walked far enough this time to see the “Clifton” suspension bridge, I headed back along the other side of the river and if I’d walked just a little further last time with Little Sister, we would have seen the S.S. Great Britain in all it’s glory.

          I took a few pictures of it, focusing carefully on the writing and framing my shot carefully, then, as I was about to click the little rowing boat moved into my view and I quickly moved the camera down to catch them as well.

          The focus isn’t as clear as it could be, and I’ve cut off the top of the one mast, but I liked this picture best and saved it from the cutting room floor.

2015-01. SS Great Britain.

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2015-01. Clifton bridge.

          I spent the last weekend in Bristol again, Little Sister couldn’t make it this time so a few planned arrangements had to be postponed, but there’s always next time.  I’ve passed through Bristol often on route to Cardiff, and I’ve arrived by train to visit an old school friend before now, but recently Hubby’s taken a liking to the city and it’s one of the competitions on his yearly sports circuit which usually prompts another visit.

          Last time with Little Sister we walked, as we thought, along the length of Bristol’s floating harbour looking for Brunel’s SS Great Britain.  However it turned out that my map reading skills had won the day again and we were on the wrong side of the water.

          This time I set off along the whole length of the floating harbour in search of the Clifton Suspension Bridge.  You can see from the picture above that I found it.  I did get a little closer, but weariness started to set in so I made my way back and maybe next time I’ll take a more direct route.

          Although I had headed off to find the bridge what I was really in search of was a little prettiness and colour.  The views along the river didn’t disappoint and since I now have two pretty much untapped files of Bristol pictures sitting waiting for me to sort, there’ll be a few more pictures along shortly.

2015-01. Blue barge.

           More from before : a couple of weekends in “Bristol“.