Back to Brugge

          I’ve just started two weeks off from work and I’m very much in the holiday spirit.  I’ve been looking back at my photos from our trip to “Brugge” in July 2011, remember we walked along one of the wider canals looking at the  “Windmills”  ?  Well here’s a few other snaps which caught my eye on the same day.

67. Large canal boat.

          I always keep an eye out for a good bench, the chances are that where there’s a bench, there’s a view and this bench itself with its ornate framework made me smile.

2011-07. Brugge bench.

           I’m not the only one who enjoys a good bench …

95. Taking a nap.

          Or a pretty view …

94. Bench with a view.

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Duck’s eye view

          Remembering the mosaic plates and pots yesterday made me think of the boat trip we took on our sunniest day in Brugge.  The only boats on the canal were the tour boats, full of tourists (no surprise there) who were pointing their cameras at anything and everything, me included.  I used the scatter-gun approach, holding my camera high and pointing it in the general direction of anything which took my eye, trusting to the auto-focus to find me a good picture to keep the memory alive while I enjoyed the ride.

          As I look back on the other tourists on the canal that day, some carefully trying to capture the perfect picture and others like me, hoping for a good crop  later, I wonder how many other people’s photos of the canal and boats I appeared in that day.

          Here’s a selection of the other people I captured enjoying the view from the water too.






           More from before: pictures from my holiday in “Brugge” in July 2011.

Mosaic memories

         Hey, remember these pretty plates and pots from the “Flea market” in Brugge ?

30. Blue dishes.

32. Dishes and boat.

31. Oranges dishes.

          Well I found some just a pretty in the market in Nice too.

245. Mosaic dishes.

246. Orange moasics.

          I missed out on buying the ones in Brugge because the flea market wasn’t there for the following day when I returned so I was really pleased to see the ones in Nice.  However, upon closer inspection they looked a lot better than they felt so I just juggled them around on the table to take a better picture and settled for that.

          I think the memories of what the pots and plates looked like is much nicer than what they actually were and I’m sure it will improve even more with age.

          More from before: pictures from my holiday in “Brugge” in July 2011 and from “Nice” in July 2012.