What bird is this ?

          Staying on St. Michaels Mount and following on from yesterday’s poke around in the files, I quite easily caught this bird on camera.  It appeared to be snoozing after a dip in the sea.

          Can anyone tell me what bird it is please ?


           More from before : a long weekend in “Falmouth“, “Cornwall” in September 2014.


Square windows

          During a long weekend in Falmouth, on a daytrip to “St Michaels Mount“, I took a photo through an “Arch Window“.  I do like to look at the world through the camera, it makes me feel sort of sheltered from the hubble bubble of life in general, and of course if I can use the camera to look through something else, even better so it’s of no surprise that I have photos in the files taken through more of the castle windows too.


           More from before : a long weekend in “Falmouth“, “Cornwall” in September 2014.

Dancing jazz

2014-09. Jazz.
          Here are a couple of snaps from my phone which reminded me of an enjoyable hour or so spent with enthusiastic company and good music.

          We were drawn inside by the sound of jazz floating on the air as we passed the doorway.  A comfortable seat on a high table gave us a good view of the band and the whole room was delighted when a young couple got up to dance.

2014-09. Dancing.
          They certainly had all the moves, swinging this way and that in time to the music.

          A while later, a visit to the little girls room coincided with that of the young lady and, as you do, we exchanged a few pleasantries. After complementing her dancing I found out they were dance instructors about to set up lessons in the area.

           If we’d have lived nearer then I would have gone along and joined a class or two myself.

2014-09. Jazz band.

           More from before : a long weekend in “Falmouth“, September 2014.