What bird is this ?

          Staying on St. Michaels Mount and following on from yesterday’s poke around in the files, I quite easily caught this bird on camera.  It appeared to be snoozing after a dip in the sea.

          Can anyone tell me what bird it is please ?



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Square windows

          During a long weekend in Falmouth, on a daytrip to “St Michaels Mount“, I took a photo through an “Arch Window“.  I do like to look at the world through the camera, it makes me feel sort of sheltered from the hubble bubble of life in general, and of course if I can use the camera to look through something else, even better so it’s of no surprise that I have photos in the files taken through more of the castle windows too.




           More from before : a long weekend in “Falmouth“, September 2014.

Dancing jazz

2014-09. Jazz.
          Here are a couple of snaps from my phone which reminded me of an enjoyable hour or so spent with enthusiastic company and good music.

          We were drawn inside by the sound of jazz floating on the air as we passed the doorway.  A comfortable seat on a high table gave us a good view of the band and the whole room was delighted when a young couple got up to dance.

2014-09. Dancing.
          They certainly had all the moves, swinging this way and that in time to the music.

          A while later, a visit to the little girls room coincided with that of the young lady and, as you do, we exchanged a few pleasantries. After complementing her dancing I found out they were dance instructors about to set up lessons in the area.

           If we’d have lived nearer then I would have gone along and joined a class or two myself.

2014-09. Jazz band.

           More from before : a long weekend in “Falmouth“, September 2014.

St. Michael’s mists

          Fancy a boat ride ?  Ok, let’s go back to Falmouth and drive a little further along the coast to St Michael’s Mount.  It’s a little misty, but the Cornwall mists seem to be coming and going at their own pace so lets just keep our fingers crossed.

2014-09. St. Michael's Mists.

          Can you see the walkway ?  At low tide you can walk across to the castle but we’ve missed the low morning tide and the evening one isn’t for a good few hours yet.  Legend has it that a giant used to live on the island and wade across the water to steal cattle but I don’t think we’ll be seeing him today

2014-09. Walkway.

          We’ll catch the little ferry-boat and arrive at the outside wall of the harbour then take a stroll up to the castle first, the gardens are very pretty but the castle closes at four, so we’ve only got a few hours to play with.

2014-09. St. Michael's harbour.

          Beautiful sunshine timed it’s arrival perfectly, look at the breeze tugging at the flag.

2014-09. Castle cannons.

          You’ve already been to the top of one of the towers in “Timeless” and of course you’ve seen the “Church Windows” too, but the mist is closing in again, looking up you can only just see the flag, although I assure you the breeze is getting stronger.

2014-09. Rocks.

          It’s time to head back, I’m more than happy to pay the ferryman the fee of just £2 each way for his services.  You can see the mist settling town of St. Michael and there’s a definate nip arrived in the air with it.

2014-09. Pay passage.

          One last look at the Mount as we head back to the carpark and it reminds me of Gene Kelly and a little Scottish Villiage, Brigadoon, deep sinking deep into the mists of time, safe until another visit.

2014-09. Mists return.

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2014-09. Tower.

          There’s nothing better than standing at the top of an old castle with the wind in your hair looking out to sea…

2014-09. Tower clock.

          Except maybe standing at the top of a castle tower with the wind in your hair on a sunny day looking at a sundial…

2014-09. Lunch time.

          And not needing to worry about the time.

           More from before : a long weekend in “Falmouth“, September 2014.

Church windows

          I snap away quite happily with the camera, I compose pictures, I seek out different angles and very often go out on a limb (literally) to find the right shot, but it’s not very often I find myself presented with that “wow” moment just there in front of me with no effort, no searching on my part, just a long quiet wow exhaled under my breath as my brain takes in what my eyes have seen.

          While away at Falmouth, Hubby decided to take me on a trip to St Michael’s Mount, a castle on an island, just a little further around the coast.  The island, the castle, the harbour and the weather were perfect, and I’ll show you more of that shortly, but on such an island you must also have a church

          The church is small, and friendly, and very peaceful and pretty, but as I stepped into the semi-gloom from the bright sunlight outside, here’s the picture I saw.

2014-09. Eagle window.

          The sun was shining so brightly onto the stained glass window that it was making its own rainbows on the walls inside.

2014-09. Hymn window.

2014-09. Church window.

           More from before : a long weekend in “Falmouth“, September 2014.