Church windows

          I snap away quite happily with the camera, I compose pictures, I seek out different angles and very often go out on a limb (literally) to find the right shot, but it’s not very often I find myself presented with that “wow” moment just there in front of me with no effort, no searching on my part, just a long quiet wow exhaled under my breath as my brain takes in what my eyes have seen.

          While away at Falmouth, Hubby decided to take me on a trip to St Michael’s Mount, a castle on an island, just a little further around the coast.  The island, the castle, the harbour and the weather were perfect, and I’ll show you more of that shortly, but on such an island you must also have a church

          The church is small, and friendly, and very peaceful and pretty, but as I stepped into the semi-gloom from the bright sunlight outside, here’s the picture I saw.

2014-09. Eagle window.

          The sun was shining so brightly onto the stained glass window that it was making its own rainbows on the walls inside.

2014-09. Hymn window.

2014-09. Church window.

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Bench mark

          For a few hours on Saturday last weekend, I left Hubby in the crèche watching one of his favourite tv programs (His football team was showing on the big screen at the sports bar) and I wandered at my own snail’s pace through Falmouth with the camera.

          On the Prince of Wales pier I spotted some rope knotted onto one of these chunky metal things (insert technical term here).  Being September and getting quite late on a Saturday afternoon, which apparently isn’t as busy as a week day, this was the only boat tied up in this manner, The Princessa, a party boat originally from Portsmouth, so I twisted this way and that (a bit like the rope) trying to get a picture of it.  Unfortunately, the chunky metal thingy (again insert technical term) was placed just in front of a bench.  So close in fact that you could sit on the bench and put your feet up to while away the hours.

          I didn’t have a few hours to while away (more’s the pity) so, much to the amusement of people passing by, I ended up curled up on the pier behind the bench, pointing my camera at a tatty piece of rope from underneath the seat.

          Hey, it amused the locals, and I got my picture.

2014-09. Princessa Portsmouth.

          More from before : a long weekend in “Falmouth“, September 2014.