Onwards to Gilford

          I could really do with a nice “Sunny stroll” today, unfortunately the weather has other ideas so I’m off into the files and back to Gilford’s “Riverside Nature Reserve” for a few smiles before I venture out with brolly and wellies.

2012-09. 18. Lake view.

2012-09. 19. Lake view.

2012-09. 20. Lake view.

          Take your time and wander around the lake, I know it’s September in the pictures, but it was a lovely warm day, if you’ve got any snacks in your bag it’s a lovely peaceful place to stop for a picnic, we did.

          Then once you’re ready to go, follow the board walk across the field and through the trees to emerge at the canal where you can wander further … Onwards, past “Stoke Lock“, and into Guildford.

2012-09. 21. Boardwalk.

2012-09. 26. Boardwalk.

          More from before: A day in “Guildford“, September 2012.

Sunny stroll

          Robin invited us for “a short walk around the pond” in the snow this morning, maybe if you’ve got enough energy after lunch you’d fancy a slow stroll in the sunshine from Guildford, we’ll peep at a few gardens as we wander along the canal away from Stoke Lock and towards town.

29. Goodbye Stoke Lock.

30. Canal gardens.

31. Fishing.

32. Canal gardens.

33. Canal gardens.

34. Canal gardens.

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