Peaceful pause

          Lets pause for a moment on a bridge at the Riverside Nature Reserve in Guildford.

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          I find that composing a picture is all part of the fun of using my camera; finding the right angle to be able to use the good bits to cover up the not so good bits, a nicely placed tree in the background or a strategically placed post in the foreground can hide a multitude of unsightly buildings or dustbins.

          However getting into the right position to find that perfect angle very often means that my own composure usually goes out of the window.

          This photo of me finding the perfect angle was taken by Eldest Daughter.

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Stoke Lock, Guildford

          Isn’t it beautiful ?

          I won’t spoil the moment with words, I’ll just leave you to relax a while and soak up the peace and quiet by the still waters.

          Just one last look over your shoulder as we head off along the towpath towards Guildford town centre …

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