Spring forward

          Last weekend was the start of British summertime, the clocks here went forwards one hour as we gained an hour of evening daylight, and lost an hour of sleep.

          I did remember to change the clocks, although I could have done with the extra sleep as it was a very busy weekend with some really good preparation for a upcoming exciting event.

          Hubby didn’t seem impressed by the fact that the clock on the microwave is right again now after showing an hour fast for the last six months.

          Here are a couple of clocks which always make him smile though, one from Douglas on the Isle of Man,

2009-07. Douglas - Clock

          And another from Weymouth, just a weekend or so ago.

2015-03. Weymouth clock.



Port Erin rockery

          A couple of other pictures of Port Erin …

2009-07. Port Erin harbour.

          Arriving in the carpark at Port Erin we looked out to sea over a huge rockery built with big chunks of alabaster, this brought an instant smile as I remembered the alabaster on another beach many moons ago.

          From our viewpoint in the carpark we can look down at both the harbour and the very welcoming beach …

                    Stay a while and enjoy the sunshine.

2009-07. Port Erin surfers.

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2009-07. Port Erin - Van

          Our holiday in the Isle of Man in 2009 was possibly the first time I’d taken my camera seriously.   Up until then my pictures had been pretty much holiday snaps, or records of the three girls growing up.

          We didn’t take the girls with us as we’d been, on what was to be our last family holiday, to Brighton the previous year and has realised then that we all wanted different things from a holiday.  Instead we took Mum-in-law on a trip down memory lane and Hubby visited many of the places he’d been to as a child.

          Thinking I’d be bored with the slow pace of life there, Hubby encouraged me to take the camera to play with.  He needn’t have worried, as slow suits me just fine, but apart from that, the Isle of Man is beautiful and it screamed out for the camera wherever I looked.

          The holiday was pre little red camera, I had our second digital camera with me and it ran on four AA size batteries and it just swallowed them up,  I used the best I could find so they lasted longer but we must have easily gone through £30 on batteries alone that week.

          This wonderful van was parked near the harbour at Port Erin.

          We arrived at Port Erin at the top of quite a steep hill and wandered down towards the water, needless to say my batteries chose their moment again and ran out just before we found the van.  I took a quick snap on my phone, the phone  camera quality, as it was then, was pretty rubbish so we went in search of yet more batteries, finding some eventually at almost the top of the hill.

          If I remember rightly,  Hubby and Mum-in-law set off slowly towards the beach while I went back to catch the van with the re-energised camera.

2009-07. Port Erin - Van front.

           More from before : pictures and posts about our holiday in the “Isle of Man” in July 2009.