For anyone who’s read my post about “Stones“, it’s only a short step to see why I would like walls too.

          This is a picture I took on our Isle of Man holiday. The sun was shining, it was a glorious day we were on holiday on an island in the middle of July … and I was underground taking a photo of a wall !

         Not just any wall mind you, this is the wall of a copper mine, the water was dripping from the ceiling and the copper colours in the stones were too much for me to resist.

          For most normal people, here’s a picture of the Laxey Wheel, the tourist attraction we had gone to see.

          The Laxey Wheel is powered by water and, in its time, was used to pump water up from the copper mines below.  Now, as a tourist attraction you can climb the staircase to the platform above the wheel and look out at the view.  The wheel still turns and as you look out across the landscape the wheel moves outwards from underneath your feet giving the impression that you are going to tumble down with it.

         This is the view from the top …

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Lobster pots

          I think we called at Port St. Mary on the last day of our visit to the Isle of Man.  This is probably on of my favourite photos from the trip though.

          We were killing time between checking out of the hotel and checking into the airport and wandered along the sea wall of the harbour.

          The tide was out and although my camera played with the neat lines of boats in the harbour mud, I didn’t quite find what I wanted.  Peering over the wall I could see the yachts sitting outside waiting for the tide to turn.

          Then I found the lobster pots … another happy memory saved for a later date.

          P.s. You can see another photo of “Port St. Mary” in one of my later posts.


          The castle in Castletown is very well-preserved.  You can follow along inside with a tour guide or just wander the arrowed route at your own pace.  There is a throne room where you can sit next to a waxwork of the royalty of the time and a dining room where more models are sitting down to a banquet.  I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity here and perched myself on the end of a bench.  A passing guide moved one of the wax gentlemen along to give me more room, and handed me a sandwich for me to join in the feast.

          This photo is taken from the other side of Castletown harbour, we stopped at the pub in the picture, The Castle Arms, for some liquid refreshment.

          On our way home from the Isle of Man the in-flight magazine had an advert for Castletown and I was surprised to see they had taken their photo from the same position as mine..

           More from before : pictures and posts about our holiday in the “Isle of Man” in July 2009.