Woodland colours

2015-07. Holiday colouring.

          Hubby bought a book to read on holiday, by the pool, in the airport,  on the plane…. I knew there was no way I would concentrate on reading a book so I joined the latest craze around here and bought myself a “colouring book” and some pencils.

          I was surprised how many books I had to choose from, but not at all surprised at how few I liked.  I didn’t dislike them as such, they just weren’t quite right.  (There speaks the perfectionist in me again – I blame my Dad for that).

          Eventually I found a couple where the outlines were thin and grey instead of thick and black. There were four choices of books, Mum-in-law has a touch of TLC and enforced rest and recuperation coming up so we picked one each.

          Mum-in-law selected a pack of 20 colouring pencils, shiny silver foil covered ones with different coloured leads inside, while I, being more difficult to please as usual ummed and arred about the silver foil, I wanted to be able to see the colours at a glance, and at the last moment changed my mind from the pack of twenty foil pencils in favour of a tin of thirty six pencils with the colour on the outside.

          What a palaver,  well I make no excuses,  sometimes a little decision can turn into a big deal and cause a disaster.   Hubby had put so much time and effort into our holiday already that I didn’t want to ruin it by having the wrong pencils. My goodness, imagine if I’d been organising the whole holiday!

          I should have known myself better than to make a rash, last minute decision though. Later that evening I got out my holiday colouring,  just to test it, you know, better make sure…

          … I’d picked up the tin of coloured pens instead of pencils.

          So, off to town I went again the following morning, swapped the pens for pencils,  bought a small see-through pencil case instead of the tin and one of those pencil sharpeners where the mess stays inside and I was ready to go.

          Perfect.  Well no, actually not perfect.

          My thirty-six tin of pencils that I’d chosen over the box of twenty had doubles, and even trebles of some colours. I wasn’t amused, and I’m sure I’ve gained an extra frown line.  I didn’t count how many colours I had because I wasn’t happy about not having thirty-six and I figured I would frown harder if I had less than twenty so I didn’t want to know.

          But all’s well that ends well as they say.  I dug around in the old grey cells and remembered my colour chart, yellow and red make orange, blue and red make purple, blue and yellow make green, and all three make brown so I layered and layered my colours, adding purple and red to trees, orange (of course orange) to fences and blue and yellow to grass. And the main thing of course…  I really enjoyed it.

          Oh, and the holiday?   It went like a dream thanks to all Hubby’s research and planning.

Shadowing dolphins

2015-07. Shadow.

          We got up slightly earlier on the morning of our dolphin trip.  We’d been told to choose a morning trip as the sea was calmer and there’s was more chance of seeing anything.  The early morning didn’t bother me too much, I wasn’t managing the afternoon heat so well and had taken to a timely siesta during the hotter hours later in the day.

          So there we were, stood at the harbourside,  Hubby clutching our ticket and worrying if we were in the right place, and me, I found a shady spot and stayed there until the boat arrived.
2015-07. Dolphin boat.          Arrive it did and feeling nowhere near as brave about riding in a speedboat as when we’d bought the tickets two days earlier, I allowed myself to be helped into the rubber “blow-up” boat and clambered onto my seat.  I sat on a horse a few times when I was a kid, note I didn’t say I rode a horse, I just sat there while someone walked infront and pulled me along on a piece of string. If I had actually ridden, I might have felt more at home straddled on my seat waiting for a white knuckle ride to find the dolphins.

          We did have life jackets and although I had complained about the ones we had worn on the first boat trip we’d been on, I couldn’t help thinking the one I had on for this trip was a lot less substantial.

          We set off at a reasonable pace at first, not to make too many waves for the other boats as we passed I guess, but as we left the inlet and headed seaward,  I remembered why I didn’t like roller-coasters.

          Surprisingly enough, once we left the other boats behind the ride became a lot smoother and by the time we were far enough out to find the dolphins the waves had died down to a mere ripple.

2015-07. Life jackets.
          We stopped and watched, we weren’t playing with the dolphins, they were playing with us.  They zig-zagged back and forth underneath the boat, following along in the water with us and breaking the surface two, sometimes three, at a time right up next to the boat

2015-07. Dolphin escort.
          We were asked to sit tight and the boat sped around and around in a large circle.  We created large waves and the dolphins played under and over them.

2015-07. Making waves.
          Of course the camera was working overtime while I tried to capture the memory for a later date but sometimes while looking through the lens you miss what is actually happening so I lowered the camera and just watched the dolphins.

          They were magnificent.

2015-07. Dolphin pair.
          All the time I kept pressing the camera button and although they’re not going to win any prizes, my scattergun approach caught more than enough dolphins to help the memory along at a later date.

2015-07. Jumping high.

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Better days

          Yes, this old boat has definitely seen better days, but it looks as if it’s really lived all of them.

2015-07. Better days.

           More from before: Lovely holiday in “Lagos“, in the Algarve, July 2015.