An ordinary Tuesday

          “Just another Tuesday”… This is the comment Middle Daughter put on Facebook when she posted a few photos of Lions and tigers (but no bears) after our day out at Longleat together.

2017-08-Longleat. Tiger watching.

          I mentioned Longleat at the very end of my post “Delayed”  where I travelled down to Oxford on a Monday via train, stayed over with Eldest Daughter and then Youngest Daughter drove us all (Mum-in-law included) to, and around, Longleat on the Tuesday before I caught the train home from (oh, I forget now, but it was near Longleat and it began with a W).

          There are, as you would expect, a lot more photos sitting in the files from our day out and I’ll filter them through a few at a time, but this is my favourite …  of a tiger, taken through a closed car window (obviously even for me).

          It worked really well as a day out and I’m sure we’ve not seen the end of Longleat, or, come to think of it, a couple of other places which fit into the map somewhere between Oxford and Weymouth.

          More from before: Lions and more from “Longleat“.