Time for the frog

          It’s that time of year again and I’ll soon be persuading Hubby to take me to Milton Keynes with the camera to see what Christmas wonders they have on offer in Middleton Hall in the shopping centre.  But first, a few photos still siting in the files from an earlier visit this year.

5. Frog clock.

          This weird and wonderful contraption is the frog clock which is positioned high above your head in Midsummer Place, an off-shoot from The Centre of Milton Keynes shopping.

6. Frog clock.

          Can you see the gold ball sitting snugly in the scoop on the red wheel ?  This has just been collected from the blue shoot to the right and the pendulum on the wheel swings back and for as the wheel moves to the left, towards the frog at the other end of the clock.

7. Frog clock.

          The gold ball is then sucked up into the shoot at the other end into the box below the frog …

8. Frog clock.

          … and appears out of the back of the box where it drops from rack to rack to find its way to the bottom.

          There’s a coffee shop opposite the clock, Caffe Italia, I believe, where the view of the clock from the upstairs seats is worth the cost of the coffee.  If you are stopping for coffee though, make sure you’re there either on the hour or at half past it because the frog has a surprise in store for you then.

           More from before … “Milton Keynes

Daffed Cows.

          Although Milton Keynes isn’t too far away and easily accessable by bus the bus fare sort of puts me off visiting, last time I went by bus it cost me £11.50 for a return ticket !  No actually, it cost me almost £35 because I took two of the girls with me.  OUCH  !

          Needless to say I haven’t taken the bus trip again since.  However as the two previous posts show I have been to Milton Keynes since, at the moment it does have a definite draw for me, again the reason why is shown in one of the last posts, but tagging along with Hubby on a competition day means I have to spend the whole day there and although the shopping is great, it’s not my kind of shopping, everything you could want is there, all in one place, however, I prefer the kind of shopping where the shops are small with surprises hidden away in little side streets, where you can forage away to your heart’s delight and come home with a bargain or two that you’ve enjoyed looking for as well as buying.

          Back to the original thought ~ what to do with a whole day in Milton Keynes ?

          You can visit the concrete cows, at this time of year they’re surrounded by daffodils.

3. Cows.

          Not forgetting the acorns too, the sign says …


“Acorns and Oak Leaves” Bronze 2000

Donated by London & Amsterdam and Universities Superanuation Scheme.

4. Acorns.

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