It’s that time of year again, when we get to see the sky lit up with hundreds of sparkling lights and when the pyromaniacs among us get a legitimate reason to sit and stare into the flames of a bonfire until our hearts are content.

2012-07. Fireworks.

          Personally, I’m a little more of a cynic when it comes to burning money and although I took the girls to a couple of organised displays when they were young I’ve not really had much of a hankering to go to a display since they were old enough to take themselves,  that is, until I started playing seriously with my camera and was given a tripod a few years ago.

2012-07. White fireworks.

          Since I’ve had the tripod, I’ve not had chance to watch a display, we’re usually away in Hereford at a sports competition on the weekend near to bonfire night and, understandably, Hubby isn’t too enthusiastic about spending the Saturday night of our weekend away on a cold field with a burger when we could be eating out at a nice warm restaurant or socializing with his other sporting companions, but this year we’re home and although I haven’t managed to persuade him to accompany me to a nearby multi-story rooftop with my camera, I’m guessing he’ll probably be persuaded to join me for a little light refreshment at the local drinking establishment afterwards.

2012-07. Red fireworks.

          So, these three firework photos survived the cutting room floor after our holiday in Nice.  They’re the only firework photos I’ve taken.  I was standing on some railing’s along the prom with my little red camera held against the roof support of a refreshment tent on the beach below as a tripod and I used the two second timer to try to eliminate the shake from pressing the button.

          Apart from making sure my horizon is straight (I seem to have got the sea sloping uphill)  do you have any hints or suggestions for me to take with me and my tripod to my vantage point on bonfire night ?

Castle views

          I’ll stay at the castle in Nice for just a shot while longer but I’ve raved on about the views enough so I’ll just let these pictures speak for themselves.

98. and higher.

110. Tourists viewing.



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Nice castle hill

          If all you’re looking for is the castle in Nice, then as the travel reviews warned me, you will almost certainly be disappointed – but if you’re looking to enjoy a wander in some beautifully kept grounds with some wonderful views a climb to the castle is a must.

120. Nice casstle.

          There are a few stonework pieces to marvel at.  As an information plaque (I can’t remember if it was at the top or the bottom of the steps) informed me though, the castle was dismantled by Louis XIV after the French occupation in 1706 and was, much later, converted into a park.

121. Nice casstle.

122. Nice casstle.

123. Nice casstle.

          But as for the views … Again … Wow !

109. Castle view of port.

           More from before – A holiday in “Nice” in July 2012.