39 Steps

          Well actually a lot more than thirty-nine steps, quite a climb, but what a view from the top.

105. At the top.

          We’re back  in Nice again and there’s no colour enhancement, the sea really was that blue.  I’d read conflicting reviews of the castle in Nice in the travel bumph before we left, some said the castle was a bit of a disappointment and others raved over the views.  The views won the day and we climbed the steps.  I think Hubby counted them at the time and I’m sure if you googled it you could find out how many there were, but lets just settle for a lot more than 39.

94. Castle steps.

          The steps, quite steep at first, weave their way upwards, back and for with ample stopping places to catch your breath, either from the excursion or simply from the beauty of the view.  The climb was decorated with this artist pedaling is wares whilst we looked out of his beautiful shop window.

99. Artist on steps.

          Can you see his little friend sitting on the bench too ?   No ?  Look closer …

100. Artist feeding pigeon.

          We reached the top of the round white tower and our ears were filled with music as our eyes enjoyed the scenery.

102. Accordian player.

          From here the steepness of the climb lessened slightly as the steps gave way to narrower pathways heading up in a number of different directions to eventually bring us out onto a plateau on top where we sat and enjoyed our lunch with many other tired but happy picnickers.

118. Picnic view.

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Just Nice

          Nice buildings, nice sunshine, nice flowers, nice trees …

                    … just Nice …

60. Palm tree.



50. Scooters.

51. a bientot.

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Sun, sea and sand

189. Ice-cream van.

          So, where was yesterday’s ice-cream ?

DSCF0514a Lifeguard.

          Nice ?  … no, plenty of sun and sea, but not enough sand.

2009-09. Deckchairs.

          Weymouth ? … no, plenty of sand this time, and sea, but as for the sunshine, to unpredictable for a solar-powered ice-cream van.

004. Paris beach.

          Paris ? … again no, if you go at the right time of year you can find the sun and the sand, but the sand is brought in and placed along the river Siene, so there’s no sea.

109. Ventnor beach.

          Isle of Wight ? … sorry no again, we had the sand and sunshine on the day I took this picture, but the sea was so lively, only mad dogs and Englishmen were out for the swim.

          Ok, give up ?

187. LIDO.

          It’s a Venice beach ! … not “the” Venice beach in California, this beach is a beach on one of the little islands which make up Venice, the island is called Lido.

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