Bus stop view


          The bus stop outside the Randalf Hotel in Magdelen Street provides just enough shelter to not need your brolly on a darkening winter evening as the shops think about closing.

          And not having to pull your coat too close or bury your face in your scarf leaves you with just enough unoccupied mind to gaze through the raindrops landing on the bus stop glass and see the surprisingly cosy-looking buildings opposite.

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Pitstop at The Plough

2016-03. Plough.

          Our route along the Oxford canal between Kidlington and Oxford has a very pleasant pitstop at bridge 236. As you approach the bridge from either direction,  climb the wooden steps and cross the canal to find a path to “The Plough” on the other side.

          I still haven’t sampled the food on offer, but that’s just a matter of time.  On this visit I sat in one of the little cubicles with a very welcome pot of coffee and rested my feet.

2016-03. Morrells.

          From my seat, the wooden beams on the ceiling disappeared into another room and the clear writing on the glass panel at the back of the cubicle offered a teasing look at what was beyond it.

2016-03. Morrells' library.

          Peering closer through the letter M gave me a better view of the bookshelves on the opposite wall.  Maybe on our next canal walk we can plan a longer pitstop, with maybe lunch in the library, if you eat there first remember to share a picture or two.

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Deep water

2016-03. Blue skies.

          A beautiful blue sky reflected in the canal water as we took our first opportunity this spring to walk the Kidlington to Oxford stretch of the Oxford canal this year.  I was very reserved with the camera today, but couldn’t resist a couple of snaps to show how high the water levels were, inside the canal, and outside of it in the surrounding fields too.

2016-03. Field view.

          The path was a bit muddy in places, a little extra water here and there, but nowhere near as much extra water as it seems has settled in the surrounding fields.

2016-03. Through trees.

          A little further on, looking into the gardens opposite as we headed towards Oxford,  Hubby and Eldest Daughter were choosing which one to sit back and relax in, I quite liked this one, especially the “DEEP WATER” signpost,  very apt for today’s canal I thought.

2016-03. Deep water.

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