Killing time

          A wander along the prom with Mum and Little Sister …

          The view mellowed by time. The pebbled surface of the past giving way to the softer sand below …

          An ice cream at the kiosk to take out onto the pier …

          The shine rubbed back onto brass pier remembrance plaques for Nana and Pop …

          Feet wandering along the prom as minds wander elsewhere …

          Wishes and Willpower ….

          If only killing cancer was as easy as killing time …

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Penarth Pier


           Digging around in the old files again… Not so old this time, June 2016.

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Pebbles and driftwood

          Remember this …

2014-12. Blue baubles

          I emptied my glass bowl of its usual contents and filled it up with glittery tinsel and baubles for Christmas.  Normally it holds a couple of good memories inside it.

          The bottom layer consists of pebbles collected from “Penarth” beach.  Not collected by me I should add at this point, I was wearing a new pair of suede boots and was out for a walk along the prom with Little Sister and Eldest Daughter, they banned me from walking on the pebbles in my new boots so the only solution was for the two of them to collect some pebbles for me.

          You can well imagine the laughs and smiles as I stood leaning over the railings on the prom shouting directions to any pebble which caught my eye… “Up a bit, left a bit …”

          Eventually, with both my pockets full we headed back to Little Sister’s house where we were staying for the weekend.

2015-01. Pebbles.

          The second layer isn’t quite so exciting on the memory front, but very pretty.  I found a bag of sea scented pot-pourri, dried bits of all sorts, in different blues to fill the bowl up, the scent didn’t last very long, but the bits are still very pretty to look at.

          Sitting on top of the blues and greys of the pot-pourri is a single piece of driftwood.

          Again my shoes had prevented me from venturing onto the pebbles, I’d like to say I’m wise enough to wear sensible shoes now, but I’m pleased to not be quite old enough for that to be the case yet.  Hubby had wandered onto the pebbles one evening in “Llandudno” in the dark while I wandered along the edge of the prom just breathing in the sea air.  He returned with this piece of driftwood for me.  It’s very brittle, I brought it home and although I would have liked to add it to the collection of pebbles and stones growing on my windowsill, I kept it wrapped up in a piece of tissue paper until I could find somewhere to be able to see it where it would still be safe.  So here it sits, comfortably protected in the top of the glass bowl in my seasidish kitchen.

20-15-01. Driftwood.

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