After my post yesterday of the “Alternate Power” and the view of the “Colliery” at Pleasley I thought I’d finish up with a couple of snaps I took at the Nature Reserve and around the tiny town of Pleasley itself.

          There’s not a lot in the tiny village of Pleasley but if you do visit the Nature Reserve pop down to the local pubs and enjoy the very pretty water area in the centre.

          Derbyshire County Council has a page on Pleasley Pit Country Park and Pleasley Colliery has its own website.


Alternate power

          Here’s another view of Pleasley Colliery taken on a spring day last April when I took advantage of a trip Hubby had to make to the area. The Colliery is no longer a working colliery, it’s being turned into a museum and the area around it is being made into a Nature reserve.

          I walked around the nature reserve, which was very nice in the spring sunshine, I followed a number of paths around some small lakes and ended up on a hill on the other side of the pit head.

          After I’d taken this picture I put the camera away and headed back down towards the town but on the way down the hill I spotted something through the wheel which made me stop and reverse.

          Can you see the wind turbines in the background ?


          After sitting in a car for two hours (as a passenger – I don’t drive), wandering around a tiny place called Pleasley for four hours and then sitting for another two hours journey back home again, this was the result.
          I’m not quite as mad as I sound, the trip was already planned for another reason.  My husband was playing an Oxfordshire v Northamptonshire match in Pleasley and, since it was forecast to be a nice day, I just tagged along with the camera.  I looked up the area online for a day or so before and found that Pleasley has a disused colliery.  Parts of it have been restored, the large wheels for example, but I set myself the challenge of taking a pretty photo of an old industrial building.
          I took a few photos of different parts of the buildings at strange angles, and a few out of focus shots using the trees to focus.  I then wandered around the lake and sat on a bench watching the joggers going past in their gaudy colours and a couple of dogs chasing sticks into the water.
           The joggers disappeared behind me, and the dogs stopped splashing and headed out through the gate in the distance.  As I sat eating my picnic lunch, the lake grew calm again and this picture materialised before me.
          I’m grateful to the person who first found the view and put a bench there for other’s to see it too.